Trouble to get quest to go to shaman order hall

I can’t start the shaman quest which would lead me to the scenario to get me to the class order hall. Once I get to Legion’s Dalaran, I see the whirwind, which tells me to go talk to Thrall. But Thrall has no quest for me. He was supposed to give me a quest to talk to someon at Krasus’ Landing and start the scenario, but he has no quest. I just recently reached 50 with my Shaman (leveled up in Pandaria) and whished to get the artifacts appearance and class mount. Can someone help me?

Here is a link to an earlier thread that may be of help.

It didn’t :frowning:
I tried talking to the NPC in Dalaran that let me redo the Legion questline, but i’m stuck. I already completed the “Legion Returns” quest and was given the “To Be Prepared” quest ( But this quest is not working. There are no NPC where they should be to talk to. And, as people are saying, there’s no option with the NPC that I can skip the scenario and go straight to Dalaran. So, this quest is bugged as well :frowning: