Trashmaster title npc not giving the quest

got the cloak from doing a Mythic plus today. I looked up how to get the title permanently and went ahead and did the quest she gave me first. after I was done I put the cloak on to see if she’ll give me the next part of the quest to get the . and now the quest for the title is not pop up ? any fix


I know that there was a recent change in regards to this title. Here is the hotfix notes:

  • Trashmaster’s Mantle received from Mythic+ or the Great Vault can no longer be used to complete the “I Am the Trashmaster” quest.
    • Developers’ note: Players hoping to become the Trashmaster may do so by finding a Trashmaster’s Mantle in Operation: Mechagon on standard Mythic difficulty. Players who have received a Trashmaster’s Mantle from Mythic+ since the start of Season 4 may still use it to complete the quest, but should be aware that the Richly Appointed Drape quest reward will be awarded at item level 78.



Thanks for answering this. Got the cape and didn’t need it but kept it for a chance at the title on my alt. Did a couple hours of quests to unlock the vendor on a toon that had never been through BFA only to not get the quest. Pretty much sucks I wasted that time. Wish they could fix it another way.

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