Transfers from Benediction to Sulfuras were re-opened! (Edit)

can I get free xfers for my alts from sulfuras to benediction. thanks

Kaivaxgodx coming through on the solid here for the bois though.

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Good thing I’m on Grobbulus and transferred my other character but not this one, because I hadn’t gotten the chance after transferring, spending a couple nights trying it out to see how I liked it, only to have transfers locked while I was at work.

I mean they announced the lock ahead of time…

The only way you saw the lock announcement ahead of time is if you were hanging out in the forums. I didn’t notice until I was at work and happened to check the forums on my phone.

Something like that should not only be announced via forum. What a terrible justification.

Thank you for the amazing and prompt response.

You folks have FINALLY realized that transfers need to be specific for a faction. We’ve only been telling you this for YEARS.


they had millions of mail in ballots i mean players come in overnight

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Very nice job

Should open to Grobb alliance too honestly.

horde outnumber ally on grobb

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ever since 2004 have game announcements, news and information been posted to the WoW forums.

Please leave it open til the end of the weekend. Friend on mine won’t be home until Sunday and a few of us are going to jump to Sulfuras

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I think it’d be in all of your interest to transfer asap if you plan on doing it, find a way even if your friend won’t be home.

They said they can close the transfers w/o any notice or anything before, so waiting is just a way to get burned.

Why did you ever let it get to this point?

Why didn’t you hard cap servers months ago when the writing was on the wall?

Why didn’t you manage and merge servers continuously to avoid mass exodus and dying servers?

Why did you keep charging money for transfers from dying servers?

Why did you restrict free transfers from the megaservers?


You can’t justify any of this.


Is this the first instance of them doing faction specific transfers in classic? Hopefully this sets a precedent.

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Awesome! I transferred with my friends to Eranikus as we weren’t sure if we’d end up getting to Sulfuras all at the same time, but I’m really happy to see this. Hopefully it’s exactly what they’ll do with Eranikus as well!

Call to arms for more Alliance Brethren to help build our NEW ALLY community on the Sulfuras Server! We just need more good men to even out the fight, the server just needs more alliance to even out our numbers against these Horde!

For the Alliance! Long Live Sulfuras!



58 % to 41%

level 70s is a lot closer .

Great. Now please keep them open til next Tuesday so they don’t get closed again before titles go out. (Specifically told I will be ineligible for rewards if I leave my team and transfer).