Transfers from Benediction to Sulfuras were re-opened! (Edit)

As of earlier today, Blizzard heard our plea and re-opened transfers to Sulfuras from Benediction. We need more good men to help our cause to build a new and big alliance community on the Sulfuras Server.

Please consider Sulfuras when choosing where to play Wrath in the future!

Please re-open transfers to Sulfuras for Alliance

As title says

I am not sure about “50/50” but when I did a CensusPlus and WA test of players online, the server still needs more alliance to ensure the stable population for the future.

Of players online right now, 7099 were horde and 4190 were alliance … Alliance could use more good men please.

I knew a lot of people who couldn’t transfer because they had auctions up and the auction house was down on Benediction.


According to wowclassicpop, the pop is 37/63, Would def help to have more alliances be able to join. Some guilds didn’t have enough notice to make a decision.


I dont know why blizz said that they would consider leaving transfers for alliance so it would balance the realm and then decided to not do it. Again blizzard lying.


I’m gonna be honest, it’s pure incompetency. They don’t play the game. They have no idea how anything works or the way players think. Maybe they play league of legends or overwatch and they got this job somehow that they don’t really care about. They probably don’t even know most servers have a discord. Players aren’t dumb, they know that on eu and na every smaller faction on pvp servers dies unless there’s actually effort made to balance it. Blizzard doesn’t understand because they don’t understand their own game.


I wonder if blizzard is counting all the dead alliance characters they put on sulfuras when they killed servers like kromcrush?

I do think Blizzard should communicate a bit on how the alliance situation is and, follow through on their commitment to making the server be 50/50 H/A by opening transfers again.


Blizzard plays horde on sulf. They didnt wsnt 50 50 they want 3 v 1s everywhere.

Definitely needs open for multiple reasons, still not balanced and many people missed out on xfers because the auction house was down and they had stuff posted. Completely out of their hands there and still miss out on free xfer and get punished… :wastebasket:

Should of moved quicker i guess, early bird gets the worm!

Sulfuras is hoppin btw…

Imagine defending what blizzard did. How is the auction house being down and auctions posted our faults? They barely gave any heads up they were closing transfers either way

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Open the xfers back to bene too. Games already ruined

Its probably never been a thing they’ve had to code.

I hope they do open Alliance transfers to Sulfuras.

PvP 50/50 is the dream.


I find it sad that we have people willing to repopulate a server, which by itself is really awesome and respectable and Blizzard should have kept directing people to servers that actually needed a populatIon instead of them making a new server that shouldn’t exist (yet) IMO.

Anyway, these people were thinking that the transfers would be open for a bit and more allies would come over because the queues for Bene (Grobb too but even more Bene) have been nuts.

That transfer was a jump to take especially for alliance players. Then Blizzard says in a blue post they will consider faction-specific transfers for the alliance which that’s great and forward-thinking, and makes it look like Blizzard was actually caring for once… but then they don’t follow through. That’s really unfortunate for the ally players who did the right thing and transferred to Sulfuras. :frowning:


Imagine having the power to contribute in the creation of a well balanced server full of players, no queues, advising they would leave the transfers open untill the server was even…

And when it’s heading in that direction… Stop!


We were fixing your mess ups blizzard. Open up ally xfers till sulfuras is balanced!! That’s the least you guys can do right now.


I can see how the AH being down would screw with players being able to transfer so Im giving the post a bump :slight_smile:


I don’t like how they handled this as much as the next person, but I wouldn’t say they’re lying in this regard (the AV controversy, on the other hand…).

They pretty clearly said they wanted to lock it for a few days and then see what happens, and then will open Alliance only transfers if needed. Right now Sulfuras probably has a large number of “tourists” who came to the server from other servers purely to check out the chaos, and after a few days, the tourists will get bored and leave and that will give a better idea of the real numbers of people who intend to stay. That makes sense. It’s annoying, now, for the guilds that got cut off in the middle, but it does make sense, and a delay in opening up Alliance transfers again while evaluating the data is reasonable in this case.

If they don’t allow alliance in the server will be dead in 3 months for alliance at the very least

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You should filter to seen the last 7 days. This will put things into post que woes period.


Last time I checked last 7 days we were not even.

But now we are. Good to know.

But still when we log and run the addon the number of horde online beats the number of alliance online by a large margin.