Transfers and Queues

I’ll stop interacting with Niia. Thank you for pointing that out.

I think they do have data, probably a great amount. You arent proving any point with that statement. Having data, and knowing what specific change to apply that might cause further or other issues is the problem. Tell us all, what is the capacity number for each server to have no queues? Keep in mind factions, timezone, day of week, etc. You just spout it out like it is an easy change when you havent thought beyond “just do it cause…”

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If a server has queues exceeding 20 minutes at least once a week during prime time, that server is full by any sane measure and should be closed to transfers until the queues recede. This is really quite simple.

20 min! ROFL, k I’m done you arent a thinker just a complainer.
Server would be flipping from full to low all day long across every server haha

What metric would you suggest then? If you make it too long, you simply allow the problem to worsen. If you make it too short, you may be too heavyhanded and locking servers for temporary one off activity spikes.

Personally, I dont think Blizzard needs to do anything. They’ve given transfers as an option, even enabled free transfers at times to help motivate people. Problem is people are dumb and ignore information and do whatever they want. If those complaining on the forum cared enough about the issue they would transfer. Instead, you are complaining about an annoyance but you will continue with it.

So you believe during a time of record unemployment, when millions are laid off, players should have to pay to transfer off a server many have been on since release to correct a problem created… by unlimited paid transfers? Personally, I can’t afford to transfer my 3 60s, my husbands 60s, nor can many of our guildmembers. Its simply far too expensive.

Incendius was once medium pop and has become an absolute nightmare thanks to no controls on paid transfers.

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I think if transfer cost is so prohibitive for you in this time, then you shouldnt be paying for wow and be focusing those funds towards more important things.

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… $14.99 vs $90 (transferring 3 60s + subscription fee)?

Most people can easily find room in their budget for 14 bucks a month. Transferring multiple 60s PLUS sub becomes a much taller order. But you’re simply trolling at this point, because you’re well aware of the difference in cost here.

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you’re not driving to work. you have the extra 90. you’re not buying gas.

I dont think I even spend $30/month in gas even when I’m driving. Stop driving gas guzzlers, bud.

I simply do not agree with your opinion, that isnt trolling. Based on your messages in similar threads you seem to think anyone that doesnt align with your position is a troll. Also, you came to the wrong place if you are looking for either Blizzard feedback or agreeable people.

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I mean, you’re either trolling, or you’re incredibly stupid. You literally believe blizzard has no way to gauge population data to decide upon an appropriate cap for transfers, yet somehow is able to decide at what point population-wise players will be placed into a queue.

Choose one, I guess?

Queues under an hour are acceptable during prime time in my opinion. What’s not acceptable is a 4 hour queue at 4 PM server, and Blizz STILL allowing thousands of incoming transfers. Because that is the current situation on Whitemane.

Full should mean full. Be reasonable and add population caps, or at least provide a free transfer option to alleviate the numbers. There are low pop realms that would really benefit from our overflow.


Oh, we all know they can. They’re just not going to because of how unrealistic it is. They’re a corporate business. They need to make money whether it’s off Incendius, Whitemane, Faerlina, or any other overpopulated server. I’m surprised that they haven’t removed the 90 day cooldown for people who want to transfer off a realm with queues immediately. They should do that for an increased price imo. That’s what I’d do at least.

They finally did it!

Sure wish they had done this before they opened up free xfers off incendius and turned it into another 80-20 server.

Me too. :frowning:

It’s the the price you have to pay I personally like the queue make players like you angry always good to see.

They did remove it