Transferring Between PvE and PvP realms

Why can we not do this?

i think u can xfer from pve to pvp but not pvp to pve

Other way.

The reason is that leveling on pve servers is easy due to zero resistance… so it’s not fair to get a free ride and move over to a harder instance of play.


Well easier. I wouldn’t call it easy PvE compared to PvP. Yeah you can get ganked or even camped every once in a while. But it isn’t that much different. The higher your level, the less it happens to you.

Now when TBC gets released and everyone is funneling through Hellfire Peninsula, it will happen a bunch.

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Nobody is levelling properly anyway, everyone is just buying boosts

everyone gets boosted nowadays so honestly it doesn’t even matter

all my toons are pvp server but i couldnt care less if pve can transfer to pvp

I’m not getting boosted, I love leveling. Not that there’s anything wrong with boosts.


I mean same, all my chars are hand leveled but there is a large portion of people getting boosted so it kinda defeats the point of the danger of pvp server leveling imo

That’s much different than “all”. More people are out in the world than you think.


sure, but it is enough people to where I think the restriction blocking pve to pvp transfers is pointless

Not if there is a single person out in the world leveling.


not true. If there’s a way to bypass the danger of pvp leveling (which is boosting) then it renders the restriction pointless

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So, the options are to play it safe on PvE, deal with the additional misfortunes of PvP, or pay a hefty fee to bypass that misfortune in boosting?

It’s interesting to see that in the defence of having PvE to PvP transfers, one would suggest that paying for boosts counters the issue.

I’m curious as to how much it would actually cost to get boosted from 1-60, considering less than secure (3rd party) methods can be quite expensive.

so you dont level easymode in the safety of PVE and then transfer and ruin the leveling experience of the lowbies you plan to gank.

it’s coward behavior.

1-60 is about 2-3k gold

you can get that amount in one naxx gdkp or 2 weeks of the easier gdkps combined

pretty easy

Which requires a 60 on that server already. I’m sure some of those who want to move PvE to PvP are going to be out of luck with no existing characters, hence, why they levelled on PvE instead of PvP.

I mean many people buy gold to just bypass all that so that’s kinda the elephant in the room here


In shooting the elephant, I’ve been quoted just shy of 450USD for the less than secure external levelling service (1-60).

2k G is 64USD, and 3k G is 95USD.

Still, quite sketchy of you want to justify PvE to PvP servers.

Personally, I’d love for it to open up, but justifying through the existence of boost services is just not the correct angle when the player in question has zero existing characters on the server they’re wanting to move to, which may require those external services.

TBC is a new beginning. Pls open PVE to PVP.