Transferring alts from dead servers

As with everything it only takes one passionate employee to make a difference.

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Have you ever worked at a company THAT big? The accountants run EVERYTHING. The days of passionate devs taking a chance and striking gold are BEYOND dead. Have you been keeping an eye on the gaming industry in the past ten years?

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You sir, needs a hug.

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Something with the servers might happen before WotLK. We do not know.

Do not pay yet unless you REALLY want those alts with you.


100% this. It’s really sad to see discussions that would actually promote health of the game die out and get ignored meanwhile they push for LFD and use people on lowpop servers to justify it. LFD wont fix their economy, guilds and raiding scene. It just makes faceroll 5 man content easier and forces people to pay to be able to enjoy the game again.


They don’t actually care about lowpop servers. That’s just a pawn in their push for LFD.


The big picture is keeping enough players that the game is enjoyable. There is some easy solutions.

Sadly as always these threads die while hundreds of LFD thread keep going. I hope you guys get to experience Wrath properly with a good server without having to pay blizzard even more money to fix their mistakes.

Agreed and I don’t respect it at all.

There are people who have cared about the server issues in the past, or who have not talked about it but have overall been understanding, and those people are ok to argue for what they want.

Then there are the people who have been nasty when people have talked about server stuff, who have even shilled for Blizzard and made fun of others, and who have shown their lack of ethics and low-class attitude. Now they are crying about LFD, and sometimes even pretending to care about server issues because they can pawn that off. IMO they deserve every bad thing that happens to them.

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from the dev himself, also you have a free transfer if your on a lowpop server.
Go to and figure out what server you go to from the choices they give you, if you dont like the choices pay for transfer.

Why exactly would you want to abandon a realm with a massive population for your side and go back to a realm where your faction is dead?

I don’t see this list?

Go to Shop, free character transfer, if your server isnt dead it wont work.

If community were all that important the players wouldnt have left theirs. Feel bad for those who tried to stick it out as long as they could but Blizzard didnt fail you, your community did.

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Edit: Here is the list, why it’s not stickied I don’t know:
Free Character Transfers for Burning Crusade Classic Realms - WoW Classic / Burning Crusade Classic Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (

Sulfuras isn’t on the list yet because there are currently still a lot of horde there. Not surprisingly the person posting paid absolutely no attention to realm you said or where the free transfers are allowed from, because they are a bad person and a forum troll, the exact type of low life that my post right before theirs described, and their only goal was to be nasty to you. So paying attention is not their strong suit.

Again, just wait at least for a 30% off sale. These sale happen a lot. These are your alts and something may change.

i have an alt I’ve been considering transferring as well. I’m waiting.


Thank you!

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Wait I’m misunderstanding. Where are you trying to transfer to today? And which faction?

I have 3 ally Alta on sulfurus and I don’t care where

The problem is that they opened free transfers from dead servers to another dead servers which doesnt make sense.

Every alliance player is on Benediction and every Horde player is on Faerlina.

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