Transferred to a dead server!

Yay! I just transferred to a dead server on this character because it was literally the only way to play the game. Now there’s no one to do dungeons with, and no one responding to calls to do elite quests.

It’s almost as if there are great tools that allow me to play the game and experience the CONTENT regardless of what realm I’m on. But no… we can’t have that. Muh “server community” is more important than actual gameplay in a video game.


Yeah you should have picked Sulfuras instead of Old Blanchy


Just wait. Since all the other servers are full, they have no choice but to transfer to yours.

This is your chance to start your evil Auction House empire! The ball is in your court


Yeah, random pugging on Old Blanchy has been pretty dead for most of TBC & the only real grouping action was to be found in individual guilds, but all the new transfers may change that. On the bright side, I never had botting or population-density issues with regards to herbing, mining, & general farming. You really need to find a compatible guild to join for grouping on Old Blanchy (at least for now).

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Why don’t you meet some people then?

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I’ve been posting for quests and listed in the group finder for hours.

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Try not posting for groups at 3am in the morning then?

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What are these “great tools” you speak of. Is this supposed to be roleplay?

It’s 12:30 PM here, 9:30 AM server. Is that a weird time?


On a weekday? Yes. Most people are working during these hours


I suggest making a Call To Arms thread.

Sulfuras is full, queues will only get worse from there! This is the PRIME time to encourage people who are hesitating or unsure about taking the free transfers.

Say “Hey, I have a guild ready to go. We run dungeons and hang out.”


Well I logged into Benediction (the server I left), just to check at the same time and they’re 5000 over cap… with a 51 minute queue so someone is playing at noon on a weekday.

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Wrong he shouldn’t of transfered to fix the server problems Blizz created.


I’ve been in queue since 1pm on bene just to get the gold spam emails out of some of my characters inboxes. I still have 2k people in front of me. Thanks, blizzard, for forcing me to transfer but not letting me transfer, you’re the best!


I’m sure we’ll all get free transfers back once queues have died down, so that we can be a part of the server community we spent months in… since we all know SERVER COMMUNITY is the most important thing, and why we can’t just play the game.

Nevermind the fact that I’ve met dozens of real people in the military that also play Classic, and we have a moment of excitement once we realize we both play… and then the inevitable disappointment when we realize we’re never going to play together because we’ve each put 1000s of hours into characters on different realms. Meanwhile on Retail, I just invite them and play the game.


Thank you for coming to the forums to share your experiences with us? I guess?


This is blatant fake news. My server (Myzrael) has a significantly lower population than either of the transfer destination servers, and there are people leveling, groups forming, and lots of activity. I don’t believe you.


I see groups forming all the time and people doing group quests all the time in hellfire on Old Blanchy. just because you can’t find a group within 5 seconds of logging on does not mean the server is dead.

stop with the fear mongering.


lmao dead server


correct. and you using the word “muh” doesn’t discount what comes after it. especially after the queues die down, Blizzards decision to keep retail retail and classic classic will remain the best decision.