Transferred to a dead server!

Not sure how blizz created a 5000 person que. Sounds like a healthy server to me. Amazing server dead blizzs fault. Healthy server with a que blizzs fault

I paid 25 bucks to transfer to a dead server on my own accord by checking the box and now i cant find a group for dungeons and group quests blizzs fault.

Wouldn’t be a problem to do dungeons if we had RDF.

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They created it by allowing all of these players to transfer to the same server without limits. When the transfers were available, there was no queue and the server still had a very high population. Blizzard was happy to take their money for the transfers, but didn’t have enough foresight to think that there may be a population problem at some point that would affect a large amount of these players? They shouldn’t have allowed these players to transfer in the first place.

These servers should have been locked for transfers and new character creation a year ago.


According to the anti-rfd crowd,

You should play:

  • How they want (you can’t have dungeon finder bcoz muh aesthetics)
  • The spec and class they want (u want to do a dungeon as dps? Soz have u tried rolling a tank?)
  • When they want (soz u tried queueing too early or too late or to middle of the day u dont get to play)
  • Where they want (ur playing on a low pop server that everyone xferred off of? Well thats ur decision to stay there u dont deserve to be able to run dungeons)
  • Not where they don’t want (lol ur queueing primetime on benediction? U deserve ur 10,000 person queue)
  • With who they want (you like playing solo, or ur schedule doesnt allow for it? Nahh ur just a loser make some friends and get a guild)

According to these borderline sociopath gatekeepers, you can only run content if they deem your playstyle worthy.

PSA FF14 is genuinely a better game. Everything up to an including the hardest content is puggable. Skill is rewarded over time investment. The game is the most un-gatekept, merit-based mmo out there. The community is better. The raids are better (than classic anyway, by a mile). The only thing wow does better is pvp, if you arent playing for that then there is no reason to play.


It’s almost as if you are really reaching for a way to make lack of RDF the reason for every bad experience in the game.

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No, it was free. It was the only option I had to have access to my character. That’s all. If I don’t transfer, I don’t play my character. Not much of a choice at all there.

And I could find groups for dungeons:

  • Region Wide Group Browsing tool (not even LFD)
  • LFD

Things I look fondly back at when I remember playing Wrath, that Retail doesn’t do:

  • Meaningful character progression in leveling, talents, professions, etc.
  • Endgame progression that is based on straightforward loops and not convoluted tacked on systems
  • Leveling zones and questlines that weren’t reworked as meme stories
  • Immersive world and themes that were peak Warcraft
    Things that don’t even cross my mind when I think of why I loved Wrath:
  • Waiting in endless queues
  • Unable to play with friends because of realm divide

Seriously, I haven’t thought about realms, realm divide, being unable to play with friends of the same faction, etc. in over 10 years.

Legit question though… if I see a friend come online, want him to party with me, invite him, and he is present on my realm, how is that destructive to the WoW experience? That’s an inherently more social, more multiplayer online experience than the alternative of me playing by myself.

What is the benefit in a multiplayer, socially dependent game for me to be whisked away to a realm where I am decidedly less capable of being social by multitudes in order to log in to and control my character?

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Mismanaging the servers for months and months. How is that not obvious?

They killed my server and 6 months ago I transfered for FREE to Grob. They then mismanaged and let it get overpopulated before launch and didn’t cap it. Now I’m supposed to transfer again? When they created the problem? Get Real!!!

It isn’t my job to server hop over and over again ruining my gaming experience because they cant’ manage the servers!! I pay for a service and Blizz needs to fix it!!


I don’t actually care about RDF nearly as much as I care about the absolutely broken realm structure that Blizzard solved 10 years ago… well actually, the * Warcraft playerbase* solved 10 years ago with OQueue, and Blizzard adopted it.

I actually almost never use LFD or LFR in Retail… and exclusively do content via the Group Browsing tool. Though RDF would alleviate some of people’s feeling the need to congregate on megaservers if it did exist, I think the actual solution is cross-realm.

My session today was roughly 2 hrs 45 minutes. I leveled twice and finished most of Hellfire’s back end except for the elite quests Overlord, Drill the Drillmaster, and Colossal Menace… for lack of interested parties. I was listed in the Group Finder for Blood Furnace the entire duration of my session.


It’s not even fear mongering. It’s just another barely disguised RFD post. I doubt they transferred to old blanchy at all, to be honest.

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Check my post above where I elaborate on how it’s not actually RDF, and I don’t use RDF on Retail.

And the forums aren’t updating post transfer (except for the avatar for some reason). I was Valena (Body Type 2) on Benediction, and am now Wetwork on Old Blanchy, with the character depicted in the avatar.

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Same thing on Mankrik alliance. Been dead for a year now. Was fine in vanilla. But impossible to do any dungeon or pugs when you want. Sucks. Pvp is cross realm but pve isn’t… makes zero sense

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Even weirder, logging in an out updates it, and allows me to comment on my own comments.

OP here BTW

Blatant troll response. You’ve lost critical thinking if you fail to see how this falls on Blizzard.

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sir this is a Wendy’s

I think being on mega severs has skewed how people view sever pops.


I mean WOW population shows Old Blanchy at 177 active alliance subs and 180 total active horde subs. You honestly think that’s a flourishing server?

While there are several ways to identify lower population servers, I do think that Blizzard needs to make this information more public. Most of the ways to check populations are based on log data or something that isn’t completely accurate. If they broadcasted these numbers more freely then people could make better decisions on where to move. I feel like the environment is currently if the server isn’t a mega server then it’s probably dead with a few exceptions.

Obviously they changed this for whatever reason, but I think it’s not productive to server populations if they keep the information hidden.

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Well darn, I was in HFP and BF most of the morning and afternoon. Even did Overlord. If I had seen you I woulda thrown you an invite, I suppose.

Did you try asking in chat? or did you just list yourself quietly? Me personally, I haven’t been using the new lfg tool pretty much at all except to list myself so I can advertise/look for more in the chat channel.

The new group finder tool is pretty much useless. if I didn’t have to use it in order to talk in the lfg channel, I wouldn’t use it at all.

2012 called, it wants its meme back

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Maybe you should have created a topic looking for like minded individuals who want to skip queues and come to your realm?

These sorts of topics will just scare people away and you’ll forever be stuck on a dead realm.