Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available -- Updated Nov. 22

Not just potential level 70s. Level 70s in full S4 gear with epic flying.

This is why I stopped playing Retail. When the developers cave in to the whining complainers, then they make changes that bother the people who don’t complain… and they end up eventually just leaving.

It’s like a frog in a pot of water, gradually coming to a boil. We can see what’s coming, but for some reason, we stay in the pot.


This is a terrible idea and I have lost any motivation to play on the server anymore. Always making the wrong calls still, sad to see nothing has changed.


This. This. and This.


How about unlocking the realms we already have characters on!?


RIP Skyfury Horde.


Blizz please…why

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This is actually a great point.

So are concerns about faction balance.

If fresh ends up failing in 6 months things when the tourist types have left like this can be pointed back to. :frowning: I’ve always wanted fresh to succeed “long term”.


This was a huge mistake… Horde on Skyfury will be nonexistent now, as I’m sure a large majority will look to escape from the large Alliance population/presence that these big-time streamers have created.

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How about only letting Alliance transfer off? since they are the majority faction. I would rather not see a mass exodus of my Horde brethren

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Same. We always knew that in terms of economy, levels, professions, et al, that Fresh realms would catch up to all the others.

Not having transfers for the first 90 days, and potentially not at all, if realm population was healthy was literally the main appeal when looking long-term. This is why I feel like my choice to play on a fresh start realm has been completely invalidated. I was already disappointed when they added Angerforge, especially after having just noted what sort of impact it’s likely to have… but server transfers? I probably shouldn’t be, but I’m actually surprised they would do such a thing.


but what about my imaginary community that would ninja loot linen cloth if you gave them the chance

I got a pretty good feeling they are closing monitoring the faction split and will adjust the free xfers as needed

Angerforge IS the new server. A 3rd server won’t work for longevity. This sucks for those who rerolled or rolled late, sure… but all this will realistically do is have some 70s on your server 3 or 4 days earlier than it was going to be.

If anything, the transfers should have been open to angerforge when the server was first put up.

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Yes! Thank you! Angerforge mad lads let’s go

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Based on what Blizz has done the last two weeks, I highly doubt it.


RIP fresh I guess. It was good whole it lasted. This is absolutely gonna kill the servers.


What a slap in the face to everyone who trusted Blizzard and rerolled on Angerforge. You truly hate us, do not care about your players and will not stick to your word. Everything you say is a lie and changes the next day. I truly hate this company. It feels intentional.


That would be amazing if true. You know how we could make sure that is happening? They could SAY that in their post instead of just saying they are opening transfers. 10 minutes after this post my GM has a poll up to see if the guild should transfer off the realm. I’m not following them it was just annoying that it was asked.

So you say no transfers for 90 days then open them up in 3 days? You completely ruined the fresh server Angerforge now… We had a good split population.


The people at Blizz are just so dumb. Who makes these decisions?

Fresh means fresh. . . Pathetic decision.

People rolled on Angerforge because they didn’t want queues AND they wanted a FRESH start from people who already had two weeks head start…


Blizzard should of stuck tot here guns. The que’s were starting to get less crazy on skyfury. It was going to start Adv 7k instead of the 13k on weekdays, and start to lower from there. Now this puts both servers at risk, sucks to Skyfury is pretty fun. I don’t know why blizzard would lock a Fresh realm, and or had no hope for Fresh. Even in there Community Council meeting they say the ques are worse on other servers. (I’ve yet to see a 15k on anything but once on Grob?)

While it’s true Fresh will suffer loses on WOTLK release it’s better to have a full server (But again why lock it? I know people who still want to make toons here, people who haven’t touched wow in over 6-10 years.) It’s fair to say that it would have been okay with WOTLK launch even with the drop off. Now Blizzard put’s the server at Risk, and only time can tell.

Locked servers are rough new blood is needed for the horde to survive due to Ally streamers who all dislike Fresh and said it would fail / Didn’t want it, now they’re here and messing up Faction balance, and horde can not make new toons.