Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available -- Updated Nov. 22

Someone explain the appeal of Erankius to me- I genuinely don’t get it. I thought the appeal of fresh servers was starting over from level 1. But just having a likely small number of 70 transfer there with gaping holes in the server’s economy seems like a nightmare.

“and there is no additional capacity we can add to these realms to allow more players on, or to reduce queues”
i find it hard to believe in 2022 there isn’t a viable option to increase capacity? Or is the amendment that there is no cheap solution?

Also you keep mentioning how many players are moving without ever sharing faction data. The best people have is ironforge to check what the faction balance looks like. Imagine a world were people transfer to these servers and they grow to only realize oh it’s mostly horde or alliance and you’re on the wrong side. it’s not like we’ve seen that before…

In response to the part about layering… can a blue explain to me why during sunwell launch and previous other new phase releases on benediction, we got up to 12+ layers, yet I am sitting on benediction right now and we are sitting at 4 layers? I get that the way the tech works, it spins up because of players congregating in a zone, but shouldnt a server with this many people congegating, IE stormwind, shat, etc, be at more than 4 layers? this whole thing seems very suspicious to me.

This is their “best”? Good lord, you really don’t think highly of them :frowning:

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i transferred to Bene with my guild before the Qs started. most of them are staying. some of us want to leave but not be forced into a pvp realm or old blanchy.

Is it possible to reverse my paid transfer to benediction and go back to pagle?

My sub is coming up… this may very well be a possibility. WOTLK was going to be my last of Wow… but it is beginning to look like TBC will be the end.

What are server queues going to look like when Wotlk goes live? I’m not waiting 3+ hrs to play this game.


Are we able to transfer characters if we already have characters on that server? For instance I’ve boosted on Faerlina, and I want to move my character to mankirk which I already have characters on.

at least they are trying by making a new server one they will have to use more money to keep up yet you people still say no its not enough cmon dude cut them some slack

this part is probably somewhat fair as most people are spread out into either dungeon leveling right now or spamming BGs which would keep reducing how many are in an area as those people would be in “instances”

same reason during heavy times we would see tons of lag out in the world but if you were in a dungeon or a raid it was not there or reduced. this one part seems true at least

the rest seemed like dancing around our actual complaints

This is good news for Old Blanchy- presumably they will keep transfers open here until it becomes full. Which it will eventually if there are no other existing server options.

just be curious, if the server I transfer is dead in the future, do I get a free transfer back to the healthy server? If not, why would I choose to transfer where I know probably 99% gonna be dead instead of just quitting the game? The is more options for people to play now days.

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then take the free transfer stop whinging my god ive beenon these fourms for over 2 hours fighting with you babies who are doing nothing but whining about every little thing even if they are taing steps to TRY to fix it

This is not enough. I want to be on a healthy server with plenty of people. Why can’t we do sharding and layering to fix this problem. I can’t believe on a Wed night I have a 3.5hr queue.

Stupid. Literally just subbed today for the first time in years to play on Bene with friends. Wait in 6 hour queue and ya’ll lock it right as I get in. Wasted hours in queue to not even be able to make a character. Thank you for making it an easy choice on canceling the sub yet again,

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A new server that you will have to pay $25-$250 to get off of in a few months time.

It’s just a bandaid.

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Moving servers doesn’t solve the problem. People want to play on a healthy realm. Blizzard has the ability to make queues go away and keep the population the way it is. Their solution they are offering is a lame offer and doesn’t help.

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You know the answer to this one.

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then move or deal with the queue holy heck why are you people so GD stubborn ive been saying the same thing for hours now and people still whine whine whine

I mean, in the end, i blame myself for this. I did the small server in classic. And once i moved to a high pop server there was no going back to it.
So when when it was announced there would be no RDF i doubled down by moving the rest of my characters and convinced a few friends to join me. Is what it is

Edit:i totally replied to the wrong comment, this thread is moving very fast lol

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whiner number 5000000000 who refuses to move cuz they wanna play on a mega server