Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available -- Updated Nov. 22

Can you guys open pagle again? It doesn’t need free transfers but it has no queue. I just want to play with my friends there but it got restricted literally the day before I had planned to transfer my Bene character there.

Really doesn’t seem necessary to restrict it if there isn’t a queue and it’s not a free transfer.


Yeah the people I was talking to were just trolling me so I got no real info.

I did some digging on Reddit. Apparently the alli population on Sulf is growing, 13k new auctions placed yesterday. Think I might give it a go.

Interesting how before ques even began this was already implemented. Every day the que increases around an hour on Benediction after there’s been confirmed thousands have moved. I que’d at 14500 at 6:15 Eastern, 6 hours. The fresh pvp servers in NA and EU also have ques. Layers have been capped on mega servers. The auction house has been throttled (confirmed intentional by Blizz) to a point where it no longer functions even without addons.
The fresh pve servers along with the destination realms have no que of course, that’s where blizzard WANTS us to play. When Sunwell released there were over 10 layers on Bene with zero ques. Now you expect me to believe the server has doubled, if not tripled, with the prepatch?
I don’t know what the goal is but if it’s to upset the playerbase, it’s working.

I completely agree, this whole thing seems too weird. The server population growing by 2 or 3 times overnight when prepatch hits? It doesn’t add up, if its new accounts or transfers why was this even allowed by blizz on a “full” server?

I have been on Benediction since the server was added and can’t remember any kind of queue ever.

Can’t log in due to queue to clear the mailbox, need a cleared mailbox to transfer.

How is this still a problem?


I’m honestly not sure if they read this topic. I really hope unpinning it doesn’t mean that they expect the players to forget about this. Maybe we need to @ them in social media.

Can we please open up paid transfers?


If you promised people they could freely transfer back for up to 6 months after then this might work. However, no one wants to end up on a dead realm. Just the promise would encourage mass transfer which might make these realms viable and not even need to take the return trip!

Honestly not sure why Pagle is on the list, we do not have a queue. Our only thought is that a bunch of Bene ppl might come here instead of the designated low pop servers and Blizz is trying to prevent that.

Still extended locks are unhealthy for any server, I’m worried they will choke us like they choked the Horde off our server back in Classic by leaving us locked for a long time. Surely there are better, less draconian, ways to fix Bene and other high pop servers and balance the community in general.


“Adjustments have been made to some high-population realms in this region.”

This is pretty ambiguous. Does this mean you have decided to cap the these servers at 5 layers? I have not seen more than 5 layers on Faerlina since this post.


My friends and I all moved over. best choice.

Some of these servers like Whitemane are only over populated on horde side, and are infect vastly underpopulated on alliance side or vice versa, can you just halt transfers to the overpopulated side? Otherwise the underpopulated size will just continue to suffer. I have 2 high levels on Whitemane Alliance and i cant even find a group for dungeons or questing most of the day, meanwhile there are Horde everywhere. In fact i’ve already transferred one character to Grobbulus a couple weeks ago for this very reason. So i just want to point out that shutting down transfers to both sides of the lopsided servers will only exacerbate the effect.

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Yall greedy Bs who jumped ship and moved to Benediction and etc. as soon as some recently hired intern at Blizzard decided to give free transfer to mega servers and kill all medium servers, now gotta pay the price with long queues. Actions n consequences. Totally fair.

Oh man! I can transfer from a server with an active population that you refuse to support with modern server technology to a server that I will be forced to do solo content for the rest of my Classic WoW career!?


I’m paying you MONTHLY for a service that you are refusing to provide.
This is a YOU issue.


So we agree that Blizz caused the problem and should fix it. That we shouldn’t have Ques and the reason we have them is due to Blizz mismanagement of servers.

That’s all? I thought I posted way more thsn that!

Instead of offering transfers, you could upgrade your equipment, utilizing layers, the only way your transfers will be utilized is if you make transfers permanently free, which is a bad idea, so i suggest you just upgrade to 2022 hardware and sell one of bobbys yachts.

Blizzard is still treating this like some side experiment when really it’s the main mmo a lot of people want to play. It’s time to upgrade classic servers to be as good as Dragonflight.

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See how that turned around on you? Because the straight and narrow truth is Blizzard dropped the ball managing their servers and offers. Forcing your player base to eat your mistakes is disgraceful and Blizzard parses 100 on that.


Still not really clear on what it means if this thread and the one on the EU forums being unpinned means. Are the server transfer locks going to be in place for a long time?

Is there a chance that the transfer lock will be lifted before Wrath is released?

so does this mean i can move EVERYTHING i have off grobbulus without giving you people anymore money? or are you limiting me to only 1 transfer?