Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available -- Updated Nov. 22

why did you feel you HAD to move did you have FOMO who at blizzard grabbed your hand and said im forcing you to make this move

We tried to warn people tbf but either way it goes this is a huge mess.

Plenty of people who would have wanted to transfer to Eranikus have already used their free transfer though! We didn’t even get the opportunity to choose Eranikus. We took the free transfer to sulf or OB out of pressure despite them being an unviable option.

My guild returned for this expansion. We had characters on Grob, but since there were queues, we decided to re-roll from scratch on a new Fresh Start server which was empty.
Your solution does nothing for the groups of players who came back to play on a Fresh Start Server (along with some friends that never had characters on Grob) at all! We’re stuck without any ability to transfer ANYWHERE with 5 hour queue times! Let us at least transfer to Maladath or even better open a second fresh start PvP server and we’ll be more than happy to transfer there! If I ask everyone to re-roll again, the entire guild will do it, but it will be in another game.

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Sulfuras is turning out to be great and I can’t imagine Eranikus being any better or worse. Especially now that Sulfuras already has some momentum. People will likely go there over a new server, now that the trend has started

If you’re interested in a lot more detailed information about these issues, Aggrend posted an essay on it here.

Leave Sulfuras open to Alliance transfers only until it’s more balanced. You’re going to have even more upset customers if you don’t do this.

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9 August was merely a setback.


Thank you for your response. I will check this link out.

I’m interested in playing the game with my friends. Unfortunately some want to transfer to another realm but none that are available and some friends don’t want to transfer.

Nice social experience. At least RDF can’t be blamed, yet again, for this :]

Leave Sulfuras open to Alliance transfers only until it’s more balanced. You’re going to have even more upset customers if you don’t do this.

WoW is a social game and people are trying to convince their friends to transfer. It takes time.

Why can a retail server have like 40k players on it with no queue and a classic server can’t fit 15k?

Please help me, US85825953
im on benediction right now, serving a 7day AV “AFK” ban i do not deserve, on that monday i was getting ready to move all my toons to sulfuras, all my friends moved there that day, but i couldn’t because i was banned. and now to find out transfers are closing tomorrow, please help.

Thank you For saying something. However what does full population actually mean? Like for example, I just transferred from Grob to Sulfuras on alliance. Sulfuras has been mainly dominated by horde for awhile now. So my main question is, does full population mean it’s almost balanced or maximum number of characters online at one time or both?

If it just means that it just reached the maximum number of characters allowed online at one time regardless of faction, then How can we further solve the imbalanced server’s especially on pvp realms? Is it possible to limit active users on each faction til it meets a threshold for at least pvp realms. I for one hate having a uproot everything like guild and multiple characters just to be able to play the game.

What about fresh start servers? 3 hour plus que on Skyfury today

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why do so many people feel they have to play on a giga server… So many xfered to faerlina when it had no queues yet we lived with some of the biggest queues at launch, then people cry and complain when a full server gets even bigger at the release of THE biggest xpac… unless youre a day 1er or atleast some time pre tbc you dont have alot to complain about. Unfortunately so many horde xfering to faerlina in tbc destroyed the Horde v. alliance ratio and we became horde dominated where we were alliance dominated all through pre tbc classic. Alot of things have mess with servers… People choosing giga servers to play on long after 2019 and having our queue issues fixed is cringe… I feel really bad for the day 1 grobbs and Benes.

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None of this addresses those of us trapped with 10-12K 4-6 hour queues on Skyfury. Give us ANYWHERE to go but where we are.

**now you can pay to transfer back to your server, where all your friends are, 3 months from now

Get out of my hair with your trolling.

I HAD to take the transfer if I wanted to PLAY the game I am paying for.

as i think i said earlier you shouldnt have fallowed people now you have queues they just oopened a new pvp server if you must play pvp theres a choice eather deal with your queues or start on the new sever