Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available -- Updated Nov. 22

Reopen FCMs from Benediction to Sulfuras and Eranikus to sustain the Alliance population of those servers or you will have a dead server come TOGC. They are in the same position that many horde dominant pvp servers that are now shuttered were in at the start of TBC.

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What about Pagle?


Please, Merge Angerforge and Skyfury. Angerforge is dead.

Please, allow character transfers to Benediction for those who already have characters in Benediction. If we can make a new character in Benediction why can’t we transfer a character to Bene? Makes no sense.


When will transfers to other servers be allowed or even paid ones at that. I would like to transfer back to Grob or Mankirk. I transferred off of Grob with my friends so we could at least play together without a queue and now that we are at 80, it is very hard to find groups to play with. When can we get information on paid transfers being allowed back to Grob or to Mankirk?

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To add, when Sulfuras Alliance dies (which it will soon at this population ratio) it doesn’t even have a Benediction to transfer to. You locked all the good servers. So people will just unsub. Maybe something to mention to the bean counters who pull your strings.


free transfers shouldnt trigger the cooldown

Please allow transfers from Angerforge to Skyfury.


nobody cares about these when are som transfers opening ?

Are we allowed to transfer toons to skyfury? from lets say westfall to skyfury? i have a couple of friends that im trying to transfer them here with my main toons.

Edit: Never mind…i tried transfering but the server doesnt show up bleh hopefully we can get that soon…thanks for opening up though gives the ma chance to at least make a toon on it.

Pagle? /10char


Free Character Transfers may be closed without warning as we continue to evaluate the populations of realms.

just a reminder this is a terrible policy that should be thrown in the trash

I want to transfer my charcters to Mankrik it says Full not locked yet I can’t transfer. The response I got was because of high que times…there hasnt been a que to log into Mankrik since the first 2 days of Wotlk pre patch.


Still can’t transfer a character of mine on a different server to my main server of Whitemane where I already have multiple characters… quite literally makes no sense.


Can any one confirm, if we take this free transfer will we take ALL of our gold and items with us? Is there a cap?

Stop this nonsense.
Unlock paid transfers to Pagle.


Unlock Mankrik. Unacceptable for it to still be locked.


Unlock transfers to Mankrik. Unlock the servers.


Mankrik needs to be unlocked for transfers…THERE ISN’T ANY QUES…no reason whatsoever for it to still be locked. I thought yall wanted to make money?


A full week of no login queues for Sulfuras. Let me do a paid transfer to bring my main over already.


just getting my first post in