Remove 90 day transfer cooldown

Nah. Grobbulus is locked, but no layers.

Additionally, we have re-opened Paid Character Transfers to:

  • Incendius

OP wanted to go back to Incendius correct?

He took free transfer off. No cool down to pay transfer back.

You took a one way flight. There’s no return trip to a full server, which should have been done months ago.
Why don’t you start to form and build a community on your server of landing? Is that too much Vanilla for you?

So you make better decisions and don’t exploit it for your benefit at the cost of the realms you’re hopping between like an old episode of Sliders.

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You really cant figure out why they would implement a cooldown?


I’d just like to reiterate that Free Character Moves do not cause a cooldown on the Paid Character Transfer service.

I apologize for any confusion caused by imprecise communication about that. We looked into this case and we have a lot of certainty that the cooldown is working properly for players who have used a Paid Character Transfer in the last 90 days.



When will locked realms be unlocked? Really want to transfer my toon from one locked server to another. :joy:

Nah dont unlock the locked servers…

Seriously, go play somewhere else. This problem has been getting worse and everyone blames everyone BUT the players.

No… The locked realms are locked and should stay that way.

I agree, you don’t understand. Also, disagreement doesn’t mean toxicity. Safe spaces don’t prepare people for adult life.

Probably when they drop below a certain percentage of the cap on your average prime time so that they can support more people without a queue.

As long as a queue is present, they should remain locked.

When they are back to one layer.

I thought they were in the blue layered and locked post?

One layer and not having multi hour queues, i would hope anyways?

We are. But not as layered. We are special mentioned as Locked without layer.

How are your queues going?
I hope not too bad?

They exist, but aren’t the end of the world. Locking the server stopped the stream of transfers we were getting and has held it steady for the most part.

Well, i hope they are not too bad then.
A little queue is workable, multi hour queues not so much.

I think they are going to need to bite the bullet, exert iron fisted control on transfers, tell people to suck it if they dont like it, and each the backlash.

We just wont generally do the right thing on our own.

Oh hey there Apollo! Sucks that the new server isn’t that great, good luck!

So this is where you draw the line?

90 days transfer cooldowns for paying customers?