Transfer aborted - Instance not found message while queued for dungeons

I had this happen twice so far just now. I queue for a dungeon run, I get the pop up to join, but then the loading screen hangs up, pops me back out, even though I am still in the group, and the message says Transfer aborted - Instance not found. The group I was in just now all said the same thing was happening to them also.

Same. US Pagel. Don’t logout, you can’t get back on.

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Hi Tor! I’m knocking at the front door, can you hear me? let… me… in!!

From the forums looks like everyone is having issues. Someone said Living Flame is broken. Servers Down? - #8 by Samer-arathor Zoning in to dungeons on retail is broken too.

FWIW, have been logging out and changing characters without issue.

Take a portal or try to enter a 5 man.