Trading Post issues

I just logged in to the game and checked my mailbox, got 5k gold from auctions so I was excited to cross that off my adventure guide list and get the 100 currency points. However the adventure guide is only showing I’ve made 200?

Also- My husband is working on a different quest from the adventure guide, the one about “complete 30 quests” He says he has done about 70 quests so far and its not even counting them in the trading post adventure guide.

And One last thing, I know you guys did maintenance today on the trading post and for whatever reason, it reset both of our “Travel points” to collect the super mount that changes color. I am back at 0 when I did have points for completing some of the adventures.

Just curious. Am I going to continue completing these “challenges” only to have my travel points constantly reset? Because I want that damn mount

Keep an eye on this thread:


ok, as long as they know about it I trust them to make it right. Thanks!


Don’t forget to file a bug report.