Trading Post Discussion Thread

Hey all,

We just announced our newest feature, The Trading Post.

We’d love to hear your first impressions. Let’s start that discussion here.


First impression is this is a MASSIVE win.

No “pay-for-more”, just “do-the-stuff” for COSMETICS. 0 player power requirement, 100% optional, extra content. Account wide-currency. Another way to get store mounts… I’m on board.

Does this mean that having an army of alts next to the guy in SW to loot the chest every month is going to be the best way to get all the stuff? Because that would be unfortunate to say the least…

Traveler’s Log

From what I can see in the preview this is good, though I hope stuff like “Ressurect players” changes from class to class for those classes that cannot res.
Edit: I misread and missed the part about not needing to do absolutely everything. Sounds awesome


We don’t know a lot of details yet, like what cosmetics will be available and what the monthly activities will be, but this seems like a good thing, and my guildies were tentatively positive about it as well.


Hopefully we can get mounts like the Warlord’s Deathwheel from this.


If there is a changing item pool to pick from I hope that every item has a somewhat regular/expectable re-appearance. And looking at other battle passes from different games (also outside of Blizzard IPs) I hope there is enough room to cap out without feeling forced into content you’d never enter. Giving an incentive to dabble with features you’d prioritise less is fine.


It’s not like I dont have enough to do in WoW allready :smiley: so depends what these tasks are.

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I’ll admit that I was skeptical going into reading this post and got some heavy “oh no more monetization” vibes from the pictures on first glance (I look at pictures first, sue me) but after reading through it proper I genuinely can’t see any downsides or anything that I don’t like about this, at least not how it’s currently described in the announcement.

So yeah, very excited after initial impressions. This seems right up my alley, and I can’t wait to learn more about it when it hits PTR. Bring on 10.0.5!

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Looking at the announcement it seems like it’s typical everyday stuff!

  • Dragonflight - could be races/world quests?
  • Dungeons and Raids - Kill X bosses
  • Holidays and Events - Participate?
  • Other - Shown example is rez people… seems simple enough if you can
  • Pet battles
  • Professions
  • PvP
  • Quests

I think that covers most gameplay that WoW facilitates… seems like there may be enough that the average player will get it all naturally.

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It looks like a fantastic feature, I hope it works out supremely well! With the mention of previously gone Items, I hope some really cool stuff manages to work its way in. A lot of appearances that aren’t available, hopefully in some sort of ensemble/bundle deal for things that are similar to one another!

My hope is for the removed dungeon sets to make a return from Classic, sets like the Cadaverous Garb!

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I wouldn’t mind seeing something like this replace the BMAH. No matter how many times I’ve checked out the BMAH there is either nothing I want listed, what I do want is way too expensive or I can’t manage to get the last bid in. Something that it more deterministic like this would be a lot better.


Seems fine if the rewards are new stuff and old promotional items like RAF/store stuff, but don’t make the mistake of putting old challenge/skill-based stuff in there. CM/MT and PvP rewards don’t need to return, especially not in this fashion.


Seconding Please dont bring stuff back like this

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Massive disagree, WoW needs far less limited rewards. I encourage you to bring back the MOP challenge mode styles and the like, It’d be great!


I agree with Bluster because if you bring back stuff like Challenge Mode appearances the people who earned them lose the prestige factor. Limited-time rewards should absolutely not return.
On the list of things to NOT bring back I would include things such as:

  • Challenge Mode Appearances
  • Mage Tower Appearances
  • PvP Elite Sets
  • AOTC Mounts
  • etc

But I would love to see stuff like Classic Naxx sets come back as they’ve been available on the BMAH.

I’ve said this before and I will say it again. FOMO Cosmetics (CM/MT) are completely fine and should be in the game. FOMO Content (Ordos) shouldn’t be.


Id really rather look at someone and know they earned elite/gladiator over saved currency for a few months

I think it’s awesome to reintroduce rewards that may have been once removed. But I think there should be an effort required to gain such a reward. IE. I don’t think I should be able to login once and get a full MoP CM set, or a TCG mount. While I don’t think it should be too limited either since it’s so limited in the amount of coin you can gain. I just hope there’s a healthy balance.

Something that gets lost, is the effort a player puts into achieving something and that becoming made null. Feeling proud of something you earned is important in a game that demands so much of a players time.

Looking forward to seeing new stuff appear on here. Also plugging in, make more adventures like mage tower with mage tower type rewards :).

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From what I’ve read about this new feature, I feel it will be a great addition to the game! Hoping we can get some of the stuff that is sold on the Black Market Auction House at this new vendor.

Some of the stuff sold on the Black Market Auction House is out of my reach on my server as many goods sell for gold cap. So would love to see some of those items sold there for sale at the new Trading Post!

For example, Would love to get some of those old transmog sets that have been removed from the game. Such as the original Naxx sets like others have mentioned previously in this thread!


I’m cautiously optimistic about this.

It really depends on what type of rewards are actually in them and how hardly tuned the “Challenges” are - like if there’s a challenge to down a mythic raid boss, for instance, not good lol. Just a “Raid Boss” would be fine though.

We shall see how it’s handled.

As someone with WoD CM appearances and multiple Mage Tower sets, as well as half the AotC Mounts, they aren’t prestigious. The only reactions I get when I use my WoD CM weapons is people being depressed that they can’t get them anymore. I’d wager around 70% of the time the person gets so depressed about it they leave the group or logout. I don’t think that’s right.

That said, I DO believe that people who do challenges should have time to feel special. Like, 5 years after something is plenty of time to feel special for having it before I think it should be safe to re-add. Things should not stay permanently gone from the game. This is one of the reasons they even added the BMAH, because people didn’t want to see some things permanently removed.

Do you not remember the huge outcry on the forums and pretty much every social media site for WoW when they added a new black silithid mount that ONLY Scarab Lords could get? During BFA of all expansions, over a decade after you could last get Scarab Lord and probably 90% of Scarab Lords weren’t even playing anymore?

We need less FOMO in this game, and that’s why I think there’s so much positive reaction to the Trading Post - it looks to be a way to start removing FOMO by adding a new avenue to add old removed things.

But I do think they should start with removed things from the store, like the Gryphon Hatchling, Wind Rider Cub, old Blizzard Store Mounts like the Celestial Steed, etc. The old Recruit a Friend Rewards, and such.

Then once that stock wears out, start venturing into other territory. Like pre-patch event pets, toys, mounts (like the Vampiric Batling Pet, Spirit of Competition, Core Hound Mount, Theramore Firework, etc.) I don’t think people realize just how much stuff was removed from this game over the past 18 years.