Trading Post Discussion Thread

Fan of:

  • Cash shop items
  • TCG items
  • Recruit a friend items
  • Collector’s Edition items
  • Unique transmogs from changed content (I occasionally have people message me to use my Brazier of Invocation/Banner of Provocation because the bosses drop unique model items). Other stuff like old scholo/brs also likely have unique items.

Not a fan of:

  • Mounts that required you to do something with your character at a point in time and not just a login/promotion (Black Qiraji, Amani War Bear, Zulian Tiger, AotC mounts, Keymaster mounts)
  • Challenge mode xmogs (Blizz has already promised that “it will not be possible for new players to earn those rewards going forward”)
  • Mage tower xmogs (similar promise)
  • Elite gladiator sets/mounts

On the fence about:

  • Promotional items that required you to play at a certain time (Spirit of Competition, WoW movie promotion, anniversary rewards, etc)

Cosmetics should be a celebration of the journeys one has spent in WoW. With so many to choose from these days, I’m fine with keeping a very select few tucked away for those who played at specific times. Each expansion should have a couple of cosmetics that become unobtainable for those who earn them to celebrate their time playing that expansion. The current system of MoP/WoD CMs, Legion Artifacts, BFA/Slands KSM mounts works extremely well in my opinion.


Does this mean the 6~12 monthly mounts will disappear? Having them available in-game with even minimal effort feels much better than just “getting” them, while the end result is effective the same.

Not enough details for me to form a proper opinion, by the looks of it it’s going the right way though.

Just one thing that I would really like to stress upon: make it possible to forget about the rewards for a few months while your sub is active, and get everything at once, and please put reminders IN GAME to remind players. I will forget about this feature unless I’m actively reminded of it, because it’s something you do once a month, and if I do forget (yes, my memory is horrible and I’m easily distracted), I don’t want to be punished for having a bad memory, that already happens enough IRL.

Just make them all available. There’s no reason others shouldn’t be able to get virtual items that have 0 value other than your emotional attachment because of something you did in the past.


There’s also no reason we should get them now despite not doing the time-specific activity when others did. I’ll be really disappointed if items that Warchief is mentioning appear in the trading post.

It is a interesting idea, hopefully when its on the PTR it will be more clear how it works etc.

I would be interested to see a list of items that may appear, I know some people covet items that are no longer available so this will probably cause issues. Personally, I don’t mind that much but I can see how some would be annoyed.

My only main concern is I hope the new currency never appears on the store for cash


Completely agree.


:100: Agree! Do not go down the MTX road with this. Too many people already see it as a Battlepass in disguise.

Right now, I will see how it goes, but I am positive on the idea. I do not do group content by choice, so a means to obtain those cosmetics another way is a great for me. I can easily see myself enjoying it and picking up some choice items. I really enjoy farming cosmetics, pets, mounts, and achievements casually so this honestly seems perfect for me. Something relaxing to do when done my DF stuff for the day or week.

I have some questions though:

  1. The wording on when currency is awarded each month is a bit confusing to some folks on GD. If you have active game time you get it on the first of the month. Got that. If you don’t have active game time, you get the currency the day you re-subscribe/add game time. Right? You don’t miss out for the month? That last part needs clarification for some.
  2. The article says it requires a game account to be in “good standing”. Does that mean no infractions EVER, or does it mean not Suspended or Silenced on the 1st when currency is awarded?
  3. How long does the currency stay in the chest if someone does not pick it up? Will it roll over and accumulate for multiple months? Is it capped like Garrison Resources.
  4. Do we have a cap on how much currency the account can hold total? Or char if it is char bound?
  5. Is the currency Account Bound or Character Bound? This is very important.
  6. If Account Bound, how will the activities work? Still need to be done on one char or can we use multiple chars to complete the goals?

Last, please please please make any currency that rewards Cosmetics, mounts, etc be Account bound. :dracthyr_a1: Looking at Timewalker’s Badges in particular. :dracthyr_no2: If what we get with the currency is Account Bound, the currency should be too. IMHO :dracthyr_nod:


Just make them all available. There’s no reason others shouldn’t be able to get virtual items that have 0 value other than your emotional attachment because of something you did in the past.

Not everything in the game needs to follow the same format as the participation trophies we used to get when younger, tbf. It’s fine for people to have unique things for something they once did/achieved that’s no longer obtainable. Nothing is lost by having a few rare items time to time follow that.

Except they do have value, as evidenced by the fact that many players want them to return (why would you want to bring back items with “0 value”?). And that value is why players who have these items want to keep them exclusive.


Same problem I had with twitch rewards. It just opens the gate of everything that people earned becoming free gimmies from Blizzard. They have basically hit the bottom of the slippery slope.

If they wanted to add something like kill 500 different unqie mythic bosses over multiple expansions and it gives a mount. That is well earned. Logging in and clicking a button to receive currency is a handout.

Agreed, but I think it’d also be good to allow people to buy some if they miss a month or two. But ONLY the monthly “stipend” they missed.

The entire point of this is removing FOMO, right? Why not allow a way, even if it’s a way most of us hate, for those who miss a month to get what they missed back?

But only the base amount from logging in, not what you earn. Cause then why bother even doing the things to earn it if you could just buy it all next month.


I’m in agreement here… would be nice to “earn” some of the stuff on BMAH through trading post.


Not entirely sure what to think yet, but it does look like a great way to earn new cosmetics without requiring a paywall! I’ll reserve my judgments for whether or not I like it or not once it becomes clear what activities are eligible, and what sort of rewards are available. I hope it will be easily accessible to everyone, so that we’re not going to be ‘forced’ into playing parts of the game we aren’t usually participating in, but it does look like this has already been taken into account.