Trader Tender is NOT coming to the Cash Shop

it’s amazing how many people here can’t tell the difference between “organizational goals and methodology change over the course of years and decades” and “THEY LIED”


the drama was happening PRIOR to wowhead datamining the icons.

the drama happens every time wowhead datamines anything.

how long should it take for people to take a hint, and just “wait and see”?

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I’m not aware of the drama occuring prior to wowhead’s article. Can you link a source to that?

As you said yourself, the moment wowhead datamines something, they post a rage bait article to get ad click revenue and boom. GD and youtube get flooded with resultant conspiracy theories.

Posit: If wowhead was taken offline tomorrow and there was therefore no easy mass access to datamined wow assets, where would the source of new drama come from? I’m sure there must be at least 1 website out there that could do it. But its reach and mass appeal would be a fraction of wowhead’s.

Considering the number of times Blizzard has done 180 degree flip flops, them saying they won’t put them in the cash shop means nothing to me.

Yes, I am a bit cynical when it comes to Blizzard saying things given their history of playing ‘corrupt a wish’.



At first, but they’d get up there. Thottbot was a thing before WoWhead existed. And MMO-Champ still exists and posts much the same sort of thing. The need would still be there and would be filled quickly.

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The instant trading post was announced… as far back as December.

streamers, youtubers, media sources, GD…

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Most of which can’t be bothered to do actual datamining. Don’t get me wrong, i’m sure something would come up. But it wouldn’t be as served on a platter as much as wowhead does it.

There was? I must have missed it. Oh well. At least the drama had died about it though, instead of being resurrected by wowhead.

Wrong, there are CURRENTLY no plans. This does not mean it’s not coming. Remember how classic wasnt a plan either? Yeah


There were actually a few threads and posters when the Trading Post was first revealed claiming it would be a precursor to a Battle Pass system being added to WOW. Wowhead’s article was more akin to just adding fuel to an already smoldering fire.

Personally, I use wowhead to find where items drop or where to find NPCs. So, I disagree that it should be shutdown. I think people on these forums just need to take wowhead less seriously.


No, their writing is terrible. It’s tabloid style sensationalism half the time. They are a great site for guides and information. Their journalistic style sucks.

There are ways to write articles to get discussion going without the tabloid style.

I also despise how content creators put bait titles on their videos and some of the sensationalism they do, as well.

Wowhead is no different at times.

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I for one would be happy with going back to thottbot instead of wowhead. Gives me nostalgia of 2004.


peers into crystal ball

Alright so Ion hints that they’ll be included in bundles. People think “ok I buy a horse, I get 200 tendies bonus right” Wrong!

2 tier subscription system is incoming. Whether you want to call that a deluxe subscription, or a battlepass.


We already have 6 month subs for this. That’s your “tier.” So instead of a mount, we’ll get Tender with the six month sub. And we’ll get Tender in the expansion purchase. Just like we already did for DF.

it would.

in the various other ways which it already does.

dev interviews, statements made at blizzcon, tweets…

people love to take things WAY out of context, apply their own meaning, and then get outraged when the thing they made up doesn’t happen.
…because “BLIZZ PROMISED!!” :crazy_face:

Yeah this will hold true until Bobby K decides he needs another Gold Plated Yacht; the order will then come from On High, and be received Down Low, and yeaeth, thyne game developers will hear the utterances from his lips, and merrily they will implement his will unto us, the lowly masses, and behold, the loftily noted Tenders will be found amongst the others in thyne Cash Shop.

(Not sure why I went olde English there, but it somehow seems appropriate)

No, they are just bundling it with other stuff in the cash shop…lol

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You mean like DF? Did you get upset then, too?

Did you know you can set your theme for the Classic part of Wowhead to the Thottbot theme?

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That’s not Old English.

Hwæt. We Gardena in geardagum,
þeodcyninga, þrym gefrunon,
hu ða æþelingas ellen fremedon.

That’s Old English.


Every other friggin publisher has pushed battle passes into their titles; does anyone think that ACTIVISION has higher standards than say EA, 2K, Ubisoft, etc etc and WOULDN’T try force a Battle pass into WoW?

Please, stop making me laugh, my sides are hurting like heck!