Tracking the First WoW Classic Naxxramas Kills

We’ve really enjoyed following along as the first guilds in the world completed each wing of Naxxramas, and then the final bosses. Here’s what we’ve seen so far:


- Guild Realm Region Time
1 Rise Netherwind Americas (2:13:39 PM PST)
2 Bunnings Warehouse Arugal Oceania (2:14:13 PM PST)
3 gusy Golemagg EU (2:14:14 PM PST)
4 Risen Whitemane Americas (2:15:01 PM PST)
5 Quasar Noggenfogger EU (2:16:36 PM PST)


- Guild Realm Region Time
1. Innuendo Razorgore EU (2:20:53 PM PST)
2. APES Gehennas EU (2:21:34 PM PST)
3. Storm Herod Americas (2:22:20 PM PST)
4. JP Firemaw EU (2:23:23 PM PST)
5. 举杯邀月 Dagger Hills China (2:24:29 PM PST)


- Guild Realm Region Time
1. Progress Firemaw EU (2:21:32 PM PST)
2. Onslaught Skeram Americas (2:21:49 PM PST)
3. Fully Rested Pagle Americas (2:23:53 PM PST)
4. Noobs Huhuran China (2:24:38 PM PST)
4. Эксодус Chromie Russia (2:24:38 PM PST)

The Four Horsemen

- Guild Realm Region Time
1. Rampage Fairbanks Americas (2:42:37 PM PST)
2. Progress Firemaw EU (2:43:39 PM PST)
3. 《韶光》 Ouro China (3:02:39 PM PST)
4. Rise Netherwind Americas (3:02:51 PM PST)
5. oWN Arugal Oceania (3:11:06 PM PST)


- Guild Realm Region Time
1. Progress Firemaw EU (3:16:34 PM PST)
2. Tribe Sulfuron EU (3:42:00 PM PST)
3. Onslaught Skeram Americas (3:45:20 PM PST)


- Guild Realm Region Time
1. Progress Firemaw EU (3:26:49 PM PST)
2. Tribe Sulfuron EU (3:53:34 PM PST)
3. Onslaught Skeram Americas (3:55:41 PM PST)

Well done!


wow! I honestly did not expect people to clear it for at least a week.

grats dudes, now time for me to get to lvl 37, got some catching up to do.


Content has been out for too long for anyone not be able to finish this the first day


Why encourage this garbage? Seriously, Kaivax. You people are so out of touch.


Kind of makes classic a huge disappointment that a raid like Naxx is done this quickly, right? The entire point and drama of it before was that it took time and skill and comp to get anywhere. What happened?

Doesn’t matter. It’s not like you can get “better” at WoW than the guilds were back then. You can’t push the buttons any faster.

I don’t get it.

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You realize they have done this for years, they did all this content on private servers, and practiced on the PTR, they knew exactly what to do, how to do it, and have done it many times before, anyone that is shocked by them clearing it fast, is frankly out of touch with what has been going on for the past decade+ in the private server world.
The private servers are why classic even exists in the first place.


Its simple people have more knowledge now day’s then they did back then thats the only reason people struggled back in the days cause things were still being figured out where as now that work has been done Plain and simple

But… it doesn’t really matter. Raid progression is supposed to be a gear check.

And like I said, you cannot really “get better” at WoW without it, like you can in other games like Dark Souls, etc where physical skill plays more into it.

The mechanics today should equal the mechanics of 15 years ago, and it doesn’t make sense to me.

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They had all the gear needed, they actually had more gear than any guild that did the content in vanilla, they were clearing AQ since week 1, so everyone had all the gear they needed from AQ, and BWL(for the same reason).

They also knew they needed the resist gear they needed prior to stepping in the raid and had it with them.
They also knew that if they stacked every world buff and other buff they could get, they would trivialize many mechanics by killing the bosses and trash way faster, as well as having way more health.

They literally did get better at the meta game, they stacked the correct classes, had the correct gear, had the correct buffs, knew exactly what to do prior to doing the raid.

All of that, trumps pushing the buttons in the right order. Most of the time, anyone that is halfway competent can push the buttons correctly, having all the other knowledge is what caused them to go faster. Understand?


Well done, indeed.

Of course this will turn into a back and forth of pointless arguing about the difficulty of Classic. But that’s why people come to the forums: to argue.

Not sure how you can’t “get it” when it’s obvious.

By doing massive consumable stacking, class stacking, and world buff stacking, they are basically as strong as like a 100 man raid of average players back in the day on a hodgepodge of classes.

Then add in that every raider knows every mechanic (lol) so the chances of mistakes are small and it’s pretty easy to see why a guild would clear it quick.

Just looks at rallying cry and tribute buff for warriors.

That’s 340 AP, or in terms of stats that would be 170 strength. That’s more than most players entire gear set put together.

5% crit is 100 agility equivalent for them.

Just 2 word buffs giving 170 str and 100 agility in terms of stat equivalents.


lol. Same. I’ll have my mount tonight finally!


The same buffs that are available today were available – and used – back then.

The only difference really is the amount of time to clear AQ to gear up.

It doesn’t mean that it should also have taken weeks… but it should mean that it should have taken slightly longer than it takes just to walk through the whole place and look around.

I’d say the Classic experiment failed, if this is the outcome.

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Grats to WF winners.

Guilds have been clearing these exact bosses only harder (higher numbers) on private servers for years, this was always going to happen. But of course, people who don’t play will watch the top 0.1% with full world buffs, thousands of gold worth of consumes and countless hours of practice and say “lol told you Classic was easy.”

This is going to be so rough for your normal guild, even guilds like APES and Onslaught wiped several times and had their tanks insta-killed on Patchwerk etc. Obviously retail has way harder content with Mythic raids, but this is not going to a pushover for most guilds.


Server wide discord coordination of world buff dropping just wasn’t a concept in anyone’s head back then.

Class stacking 15 fury warriors and having tanks DW and pop deathwish and reck while tanking for threat wasn’t a thing.

It’s not even that people were “bad” or anything, just the understanding of all the variables wasn’t there yet. Just like any field.

Most of the gear increases aren’t “that” much. It’s not like Naxx gear is doubling stats from AQ40 gear. This makes the difficulty fairly binary.


Now for the event server starting from zero

Congrats to the winners.

I thought Naxx was supposed to be hard?

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for you - it will be.