Toxic PuG Raid Group!

Very toxic guild out there (can’t remember the name)! Led by Goochzilla and some of his guild mates out there trying to fill out raid groups! They are carrying a very very low ilvl hunter (138 ilvl) and removing people from the raid after a couple boss kills for poor performance! a few other people in their guild group are Garaylo and Jerico all from that server. Extremely unprofessional and removing people left and right for no reason but keep their carry in the group for averaging 1k dps! I normally don’t post ever on forums. I usually just read, but these guys took toxic to a whole knew level! Be aware before joining their groups! Found the guild name and its Gabagool. I just don’t want anyone to have a run in when trying to learn new fights one week one of raid release and not run into elitest people that are carrying their friend who is still wearing a heart of azeroth neck piece because he never finished the story, but kicking people unjustifiably for under performing which 100% isn’t the case