Toxic Priest dispellers

They need to be banned, they bring nothing but misery to wait dead for someone to come along and spitefully dispel them before dying again.

Absolute joke they are allowed to continue this behaviour with no consequence.

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PvE servers are available if you are bothered by it


why is it always retail characters posting on the classic forums that they want changes?


You could move in a group and obliterate the opposition since you are in a pvp server, you know, use the pvp solution instead of asking for silly bans that will not happen.



Ban people for using their abilities in PvP? Go back to retail, 0 posts.


Idk about banned.

I would be happy if they just made them undispelable.

You wanna wipe buffs? They you need to actually play the game.

You should have rolled on a PVE server. These Priest are true heroes and may they have not died in vain.


Step 1: Roll a pvp server because it’s ‘cool’

Step 2: Get mad that pvp happened to you on a pvp server

Step 3: Run to the forums


That’s like asking to ban people for having stealth or sap or something… its pvp


trash thread

trash player


Oh no, your parses =(


if only there was an easy solution provided by Blizzard already


And actually expect sympathy and a rally cry for action.


The only reason they exist is because of the lengths idiots are going to grab every world buff in the game, just grab Ony/Nef and ZG buff and roll with it, the fact you can even have both of these world buffs is broken let alone Songflower and DM buffs as well.


They are playing the game.


have not died once or gotten a single raid buff dispelled prior to a raid. weird.

on a PVP server

Solution 1 - stop getting world buffs - they win.

Solution 2 - think outside the box and beat them.

There’s two ways to beat a bully, beat them up - or ignore them.

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We’re seeing it more and more frequently on my server. 2 months ago it was pretty much unheard of, and as more people laugh/cry about it more people are doing it. This week when my guild was running rough BRM to get to BWL there was no less than 10 shaman and priests just standing around waiting to try and purge/dispel buffs.

It’s griefing no doubt, but I really don’t see it as an offense that blizzard will choose to start banning players. If Blizzards actions during classic have shown us anything it’s that they’d rather make a change to the game to prevent the griefing than actually take action against the players that are causing the griefing. So I would imagine they either 1) do nothing, or 2) make world buffs non dispellable.

Until there is content that requires the buffs you shouldn’t be whining. MC and BWL can be cleared in less than 3 hours total by anybody who uses their nose to breathe.

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You rolled on a PvP server, deal with it. While it is borderline griefing, it’s perfectly fine within the current set of rules. On my server there are 2 or 3 priests who do this all day long lol.

I find it funny that they spend hours just waiting for buffs to go out then bam start dispelling. People come up with creative ways to avoid it, killing them is near useless since they can just sit there dead and wait for a world buff to go off then rez and start dispelling.

Or camping Kargath while the raid starts forming, then they target the dudes who log on last minute lmao! Well if that’s what is “fun” for them, they are paying their 15 bucks to do it and you are no one to tell them otherwise. Ive been dispelled a couple times, I just shrug it off and go on about my day, some people take this game way too serious and almost want to cry and quit because they lost their buffs, this is the reaction the dispellers want out of you LOL.

Your raid leaders if they are worth their salt, can see the performance difference between those with and without buffs, I’ve had days where I performed just as good as those with full buffs when I did not have time to get them myself. If you’re really a try-hard, show your guild how good you are without those buffs, spam that 1 button harder baby!