ToS/CoC violation reporting clarification request

This is one of the things I would like clarified.

Blizzard is making a change to prevent players from doing large premades in Classic AV. If players are deliberately trying to circumvent the system that Blizzard is implementing to prevent them from doing this…at what point do we call this a reportable offense? The change hasn’t even happened yet, and yet we have people, in-game, on reddit, and on these publicly declaring that Blizzard can’t stop them, and they already have and will continue to circumvent the changes that Blizzard is making to stop them.

For example:

He’s calling Blizzard’s change a “fix.” And says they’re going to “bypass” it.

That sounds like willful, deliberate, intentional cheating to me. So we should be reporting these people, right?

Kaivax’s post seems to make it pretty clear that Blizzard considers what these people are doing to be not ok, and they’re taking action to stop it. But they stop short of explicitly stating that it’s against the rules.

I’m asking for an explicit statement.

I get where you are coming from a lot better now, and as I said I don’t play classic. So I had no knowledge of even this so I apologize if I came across crass on this

I suspect there is nothing they will be able to do to circumvent this. Gut feeling says there will be random back end delays by seconds on some queues to stop exactly this. So we coordinate and click at literally the exact same time. You queue instantly. I queue 5 seconds later. Another group pops 15 seconds later.

However the in game notification pops instantly so the player is none the wiser. Strong feeling something like this will pop on the backend. Since it is all on the back end there will be no need tk clarify. Also I suspect if they did this, the delay would be RNG as to not try to time and game it.

It’s whet I would do.

Ps. All speculation on my part. But it is the type of thing I would try and implement if I were serious about stopping this

If you read what I posted, they are removing the battleground number from the queue list. That means that groups of groups will likely not be able to group into the same battleground.

If you suspect they are circumventing rules, report them. If they are doing it, and it can be proven by internal logs, then they get actioned. If it can’t be proven or they aren’t doing it, nothing happens.

What people claim and what actually happens aren’t always the same thing. Players claim false things all the time. It is to try and instill apathy in other players so that players don’t report them. As the new system isn’t fully implemented yet they have no way of knowing one way or the other.

We saw someone in Customer Support complaining because their guild’s main account was banned/suspended. If you checked his posting history he was in one of the other forums bragging that they could account share and Blizzard couldn’t detect it.

So what?

What they are bragging and what they are actually doing don’t always match up. They could be saying it to troll others. If they are doing it in game, go ahead and report them. Reddit or Discord or any other third-party platform would not be reportable as they are not Blizzrd-controlled sources.

It’s still not against the rules. They are attempting to limit the ability to do it, but not actually ban it. It’s like multi-boxing. It’s not banned but it is also not supported. They (players) can attempt it but it doesn’t mean they would be successful.

If there isn’t an explicit statement in the Blue post I linked, you are unlikely to get one here.


That’s not at all how it reads to me. Here is the text that (I believe) you are referring to:

“Alterac Valley will now allow parties of up to 5 players to queue together. When a party queues together, they will be placed into the same battleground.”

They are allowing groups of 5 to queue together. That’s all it says. There is no saying they are ok or not ok. In fact, allowing it happen would seem to imply that they are ok with it.

But I don’t think that’s necessarily the full truth. I think it more of an acknowledgement that people like to play this game with friends, and the current system hampers that effort, plus an acknowledgement that they simply cannot stop it from happening, especially when coordination happens outside the game (Discord, TS, etc).

Also, this is for Classic. There are no Rated Battlegrounds or separate queues for premades, etc…and that is by design. People want to play Classic, this is what they get.

You can report people for any reason you like, at any time you like. Blizzard will investigate and take appropriate action. Sometimes that “appropriate action” is nothing.

You are not required to investigate, build a case, prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, or anything. Simply report if you feel something is amiss, and then (and this is the important part) move on with your gaming.


Yes, and sometimes what happens is exactly what people say it is. As seems to be the case now, with the in-game conditions making it pretty obvious it’s happening. People are openly advertising for these premades here on the forum: The AV premade queue is back let’s go boys!

And here’s a thread over with 300 posts discussing it: Alliance Exploiting. Circumventing the AV Fix

Blizzard released a fix, and people are now openly circumventing it.

Why are these people not being banned?


They released an update so people would quit queue dodging. So far haven’t seen a single deserted alliance game. I would say they solved the problem


Because they are not breaking any rules. At no point did Blizzard say “Premades more than 5 members in size are against the rules.”. It never has been against the rules to premade or use voice chat to do so.

Everything you dont like isnt an “exploit”. People are grossly misusing the term.


Welcome to the Customer Support forum. A public forum that is essentially a help desk for players to help other players at their own discretion with occasional Support Forum Agent oversight. Anyone with an account in good standing may post in any thread here, provided they follow the forum code of conduct.

It does not stand for “I’m the customer, support me,” and it isn’t staffed 24/7 by any SFAs. If you would like direct contact with someone at Blizzard and no player interaction, please use the support link at the top of the page to get in contact with a game master. I do not believe you’re going to find a category fitting for what you ask, however.


Please don’t assume things of others just because they’re not agreeing with you. More to the fact, just because Blizz isn’t dropping the hammer onto anyone the moment you said so doesn’t mean they’re fine with anything.

Blizz does it own thing and doesn’t jump when player a request of them.


Not necessarily, no. You aren’t guaranteed a Blizzard response, particularly if you already received the correct answer to your question.

It doesn’t need to be Blue to be true.


I found a Blue post on this topic.

Reposted with Blue showing.


And that does not fly here.

This is a player help player forum with SFA over site to ensure we are giving proper information to help othe players.

It is NOT a way tk circumvent tickets
It is NOT a direct line to Blizzard

I could keep going here. The fact that none of our information has been corrected should tell you our information is correct.


I suggest you read the sticky at the top of this forum labelled Welcome to the Customer Support Forum


It seems to me that the coordinating of teams for this purpose appears to be something that Blizzard doesn’t like. They’ve apparently taken steps to curb it. But it’s not a violation, so they won’t suspend players for it. (There’d really be no way they could definitely prove malfeasance anyway). Just because Blizz may not like the way some players have been “exploiting” the queue system, doesn’t necessarily mean they will make it a violation of the rules. Similarly, I know that some of the developers do not like players Multiboxing. And they’ve taken steps that can make Multiboxing more difficult. But that doesn’t mean they are going so far as to make it a violation.

That said, I would certainly support you continuing to post in the PvP forums to advocate for them making this queueing practice a violation. It may not sway the developers, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to try.

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Literally nothing in the post made by Kaivax over a week ago (and linked in this very thread by Ruffle 3 days ago) indicates that Blizzard ‘doesn’t like’ groups of players queuing together. The undesirable behavior they seem to want to curb is non-participation. To that end, they’re making changes to allow groups of up to five players to queue together.

I’ve never seen any dev anywhere say that. I’d be curious to know where you did, though. The only steps they’ve taken that make multiboxing more difficult is to disable the /follow command when flagged for PvP or targetting a PvP-flagged character.


Also, to add on to this, when that was implemented into the game Blizzard made very sure to say that it was NOT in response to multi-boxing. They came out and said it was in direct response to “follow Bots” in order to break that kind of behavior. At the time that it was implemented most multi-boxers did not rely on /follow to work, while the action did break some crude forms of multi-boxing it was very easily overcome by anyone that wanted to multi-box.

If anything the developers have made it quite clear that they consider multi-boxing to be a part of the game and a valid alternative form of game play, that has been around since well before WoW was even in development. They have never made a statement that they do not like it, nor have they made any changes to the game to make it more difficult.


Hmm… not the way I read it. Seems like they wanted to allow a few friends to be able to play together and made that easier, but added ways to deter 20 player groups from playing together.

Correct. And while the intent was to curb a different behavior in battlegrounds, they did make clear that if it were to restrict multiboxing, that’d be good by them too. Multiboxing is tolerated, but not supported. And I only brought it out as an illustrative example. The devs don’t have to like every playstyle that their diverse playerbase can come up with. If it’s something they want to curb they can take steps to do that. If they really need to eliminate it, they will take further steps. And if they deem a playstyle should warrant account action, they’ll go to that extreme.

I hope the issues that the OP is experiencing will improve with these changes and that he (and all players) enjoy a better overall gaming experience.

Maybe stop with the back and forth? :slight_smile: OP has been responded to, no need to argue nuances.


I feel you are attempting to apply a tone to our narrative when the feelings about multiboxing seem to primarily be yours.

The intent behind the /follow change, as previously noted, was to deal with the various /follow bots that were working to get around the /afk system in Battlegrounds. That it impacted multi-boxers was a natural consequence of the change, it was unfortunate but it wasn’t celebrated.

To be clear, Multi-boxing is not supported but neither is it prohibited… which is a far cry from “Tolerated”, which seems to imply that we don’t like it but grudgingly put up with it. The fact is, we use the language we do very intentionally to keep personal views out of the narrative. It is a play style some folks enjoy, we simply don’t directly support it.

I think this subject was otherwise covered so I’m going to lock this one up. Thanks, all!