Torghast Tuning for Rogues and Warriors

can priests get less garbage traits now? extended sw:p is useless and holy damage stuns showing up as shadow is sad

I thought beta was over?


Really :open_mouth: But blueberry?

If you think extended SWP is useless you haven’t gotten the prism power or what ever it’s called yet

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I agree that most of them are rather unexciting but a lot of the stuff combos (painbreaker psalm + extended pain) to become ridiculous.

I will say I am definitely not a fan of the million shadow word: death modifiers that can make it end up killing you if you misjudge it at all.

Because balance changes have NEVER happened mid patch before :roll_eyes:

Seriously… please.

A lot of other classes get to mongo their way through but mages?

Itsy bitsy pulls just to get to the boss who becomes immune to kiting after 30 seconds…


Blueberry and Wrathguard get wrecked in Torghast. Warlock anima powers are very lackluster with the exception of 2-3 which I have only see once in the entire time I have done Torghast. The free Hands of Gul’dan was crazy fun, but extremely rare.


Compared to mages, I just feel left out when it comes to damage. I judt csnt seem to wear down their health enough before the attacks overwhelm me

Was there anything done to the general anima powers that deal dmg or heal for rogues. As for some reason they do massively less for just rogues every other class.

I did torghast on in beta and live and many classes and things that would say deal 2000 dmg for the that lightning bolt proc and on a rogue deals 300 dmg or the heal on first hit heals for 5-8k vs 1.2k on rogue. And all the general anima powers are like this on rogue doing massively less than other classes.


Learn to kite you’re a mage.

My rogue might actually be able to survive… I’d be ok if they nibbled a little bit off of my DPS and give me some PVE survivability. Crimson Vial really sucks… We’ll see if this is an improvement.

Not everyone is as skilled as you apparently… Thanks for removing your comment.

Assuming you’re playing frost mages really dont need to be buffed. We’ve got a lot of single target damage buffs and the “fireblast knocks enemies into the air” power turns any melee final boss into what’s basically a glorified training dummy, interrupts mage final bosses too.

The trash pulls are also rather safe and easy as well. Nine times out of ten you can poly an elite if there are two of them and on the off chance you cant and it gets scary just invis and drop combat once one is dead. The regular trash all just dies to AoE.

No clue how fire or arcane does but I so highly reccomend trying frost if you’re having problems in torghast.

We mages get screwed in the old raid soloing (we usually have to wait 2 expansions before we can solo all mythic raids while pretty much all other classes can do it in 1) and now Torghast. Yeah it is really bad for mages in there. Glad they ignored us though and got Warriors and Rogues set.


I haven’t failed a single run. However, given that I have played other classes in Torghast, I do see a discrepancy.

You are free to disagree, but given that I am by far most 'skilled" at mage and found it more difficult than the other classes I tried, I feel confident to provide my feedback.

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Forums:- Fix Torghast for Mages!

Blizzard:- You are right! Fix for rogues inc!

I swear you cater more to rogues than demon hunters, and that is saying alot.


Lol… no.

I’ve seen mages 1 shot final bosses. I’ve seen mages trivialize every pull with their maw rat summoning/explosion powers.

I’ve seen Mages juggle bosses and prevent every cast from going off.

Mages aren’t doing badly in Torghast.

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Mages have been a pet child of blizzard since vanilla mate :stuck_out_tongue:


That blob boss on layer 3? Not happening. Perhaps possible if it gave me the barrier gives all 3 barriers, and like 3 stacks of increase strength of barrier 40pct, because god knows we cant have anything that heals. I literally have to run the other side of my soulbind just so I can heal one time in iceblock