Torghast changes for healers and tanks

You missed all the DPS crying for weeks that tanks and healers could actually Solo something effectively?


It was really busted going in as a healer or a Tank compared to a DPS so I can see why they did it. Doing Level 6 as a Resto Shaman was a snore fest compared to doing it on my DPS toons.

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5 man dps here we go!!!

I was already done with Torghast and this pretty much was on the nail on the coffin lol.


That doesn’t fix anything. Rolling the dice on these anima powers was already a big gamble in a bad way, but making it so that if you do not get the proper combo, GUARANTEES a fail for already sparse tangible reward, then Torghast is going to be a very barren place soon.


Take this with a grain of salt this is just my take:
It sounds like instead of trying to reinvent the encounter, they’re trying to encourage tank and heal specs to group up with damage. The not-so-subtle diminishing penalty for being grouped is pretty much proof. While you can still solo it seems like they’re trying to make it easier on the classes struggling by subtly manipulating more heals and tanks to help them

I’ve done torghast every week is a group of three or four so I don’t imagine it’s going to be much different

Cant say im surprised. This last week on layer 6 i didnt even get any powers aside from the ones at the end of the floors because they make me kill the guy. I just jumped through it as fast as i possibly could running past everything. Now i might actually have to grab a few and somewhat play the game properly.

Then they should not bill it as solo content.


Only the bad dps crying. Still took me over 45 minutes to do a full run and takes an eternity to kill anything with around 100k hp if I don’t get perfect powers. Guess I have to set aside an extra 45 minutes to complete now. Our mobs already hit harder and now they hit even harder along with taking more time to kill.

Then we factor in the extra health and damage on the 3 floors for all specs. We now have to run with other people to do a torghast run if we don’t wanna spend 3 hours clearing two six’s. This was suppose to be solo content and my supposed priest anima power buffs look extremely lackluster.

Imagine it being a snore as one of the strongest healers atm with decent damage output.

Who knew.


Why should it be harder on us because other roles are struggling? Buff them instead.


It’s easy on all healers currently broseph. I also snoozed through it as Holy.
The mobs have so little health right now.

I didn’t say it was fair I just said that’s what I think they’re doing.
The way I see it is they probably are finding it easier to force you to group up like a dungeon than to try and balance the game against the people who are stomping through it solo with no effort.

In a way that forces people to still do it having to spend an arm and a leg balancing it with man hours

We weren’t complaining that tanks and healers could solo. We were complaining that we can’t. Given most tanks and healers find it easier solo and dps make up the majority of the player base… that we couldn’t solo is kind of an issue.


Still takes twice as long to clear as a competent dps. Not about the difficulty, it’s about how freaking long it takes to do when we have a ton of other chores to do.


No way. You can pull much more as a Healer and you don’t risk death.

Not going to happen.

Now that they’ve killed the solo content.


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It’s a game mode with wacky abilities. Seems like there’s tons of opportunity for them to dial up dps anima abilities so they could do it just as easily.

Not to say you aren’t right, it’s certainly up their alley to take the lazy way out.

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Torghast. Ash and memories for specs I don’t care about. I’m getting bored with it quickly. If I liked Diablo, I would play it. I don’t want it in my wow. There are no mogs or mounts and come on, you can only equip 1 leggo at a time. I’m not going to haul a bunch of borrowed power trash around in my bags. The company made a big mistake with this Diablo junk.


The one time I tried grouping I didn’t feel useful as a healer at all and my presence just made it seem to take longer.

I would actually like to group with people-- if grouping with a healer provided a benefit to the party. In my past experience in this type of solo / role agnostic content bringing a healer just slows things down.


And now the bad healers can join us, yay! :clap:

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