Top tier 3 melee class


If I’m looking at BiS right for Warrior then you’re only looking at 4 or 5 items from Naxx including KT weapons, Armor you’d probably be wearing rank set. Unless you want the full tank set.

Personally, I would lean closer to rogue. There’s too many pros/cons for each but I think as a Rogue you’re less vulnerable solo while still working well in a group. If you have a crew to regularly run with Warrior is probably more fun.


Manual of Eviscerate (Rank 9) now drops off Blackhand Assassins in Black Rock Spire. In addition, Eviscerate now increases in potency with greater attack power.

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Orc Warlock all the way this time.


The choice of champions.


Try killing a T3 warrior tank then tell me its terrible for pvp.


Actually Dreadnaught lends itself very well to Prot PvP. Shield Slam scales pretty well with +block amount


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See ive looked on classic db all the plate that drops from naxx, off pieces of course bc dps wars dont need the tank set. Not a lot of the stuff is better than aq conqueror set, but ive seen some people say they scale so high in naxx gear but i dont see the big upgrade






Not really i raided through aq in classic, got glad in tbc, dont know why the hostility? Just never experienced full tier 3 pvp if it made a differnce from aq gear, didnt see many tier 3 geared people in classic, aside from the dreadnaught geared tank sitting in org that didnt pvp anyways.

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honestly if youre talking about the tier set, warriors tier is for tanking moreso. if youre talking about the gear however for an arms or fury warrior available at naxx farm level i would say the warrior hands down.

hell even in tanking gear a warrior will be more successful with someone healing them . warriors outclass rogues in organized pvp . they excel at group combat whereas rogues are the ones picking off the casters in the back .

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Yea i mentioned in a later post, tier 3 set for rogue, off set naxx pieces for war, i know dps doesnt roll in dreadnaught. I think im more oriented in a bg setting anyways so war may be the way to go. Was hoping rogues in their tier 3 set would be comparable bc i like all the rpg aspects of them also. But again, i wnjoy both equally, just hard to choose one, ill prob have an alt wven though i said i wouldnt this go around


maybe do what my one friend is gonna do. he narrowed it down to two choices and on launch he will flip a coin and will choose that way.

honestly if youre able to get in a group and get geared naxx level , you should play the warrior. they just scale sooooo well with gear and the amount of damage they can do in pvp with someone dispelling snares is gorgeous .


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Warrior. /10char


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If you aren’t tanking go rogue… warrior dps has some threat and squish issues

rogues are a lot of fun in pvp… and your gear wont have to change much from pvp to pve

While that isnt the case with warrior… Fury isnt the pvp spec, nor is prot

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