Top tier 3 melee class


You don’t get the reference?


No I guess I don’t, what is it?


https drive DOT google DOT com/file/d/1NFkTNs4AAsQa4PgwrBM0lX0F6g_s0Alb/view


25% chance to resist any stun. Big shoulders.


Don’t listen to these people telling you to roll rogue brother. They either don’t know what they are talking about or are spreading disinformation so they can get easy kills. Two years from now you will make thousands of gold running people through everything up to BWL tanking in your fury gear. Rogues will still be getting tipped one gold to open a lockbox. Believe me.


PVP normies think everything in PVP has to translate into damage.


Orc Warr. with High Warlord gear over T3 (tank gear is not for PvP0). with the High Warloard battleaxe and with axe specialization you become a crit monster.


Watch world of roguecraft. Gear means nothing.


spell hit trinkets for warriors


With what?

Any hunter spec, any mage spec, any warlock spec, in blues and greens will end a t3 warrior and the only thing he can do is helplessly run around flapping his arms as his hp bar vanishes.

Even a balance Druid in cloth has a very good chance.


Haha ok man thanks for announcing you’re delusional. Never ran into a premade with a T3 warrior tank flag carrying did ya.


Oh I see.

“My t3 warrior is super good. Because he has an entire team built around keeping him alive.”



Oh he will kill you solo too. Please don’t talk crap when you never played Vanilla.


Lol. No, he won’t.

Maybe someone comparatively undergeared, like a warrior in greens or something.

Druids make superior carriers for a multitude of reason, and they only need two helpers max. Which is why they are used so much from 30+.

Maybe if the warrior was farming honor he could be handed the flag for turn in.

What I would expect a T3 warrior premade to do when facing another premade is to afk out because they’re a weak punk comp that can only counter randos and lesser geared teams.

The fact you think a warrior in any sort of gear advantage will magically counter kiting isn’t an indication of delusion on my end.


Just another kid talking trash on the forums. Take the L buddy before I embarrass you more.


Oh cool we are linking our old irrelevant pvp montages now?

(Mynthi) #58

Isn’t any class with a healer a beast !


Even then tanks still need gear for that fight.


What Vanilla patch is that for there to be Blood Elf Paladins and Death Knights?


Fake news.

Eviscerate scales with attack power in classic WoW patch 1.12. The patch notes for 1.12 buffs rogues and states how it scales with attack power.