Top tier 3 melee class


Just a curious question for you guys to help me decide a class. Ive narrowed it down to two, rogue or warrior. I enjoy both equally, yet differntly. Ive played both as an alt or a main throughout the expansions.

In classic i only want to play one character and thats my dilemma. For the purpose of this thread lets say classic is a static server, never adding content or a transition to tbc. Therefore many people may end up geared in tier 3. I didnt even attempt naxx i just pvpd in the final days of vanilla.

My question, tldr, who is stronger in pvp naxx geared, rogue or warrior? Im afraid of playing rogue bc evis damage is normalized and doesnt scale with gear, but they tier 3 set bonuses are nice and white hits should be doing a lot more. Am i better off to play war for pvp in a strict pvp setting once geared or is rogue still able to dish out the pain? Also this will probably be more of a bg pov instead of duels/wpvp



If you have a healer to follow you around, warrior is where it’s at. If you’re more into solo play go rogue.

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Ret pally.
Is love.
Is life.


Pretty sure full out T3 war is the best. I share your exact same dilemma and I’m gonna try war since I leveled a rogue in vanilla already.


PvP in T3 = Rogue

As for warriors, it’s not so much what they’re wearing but more of who’s healing them.


Evis scales with AP in 1.12 doesn’t it?


Thanks for responses so far. Its just i dont know much about the tier 3 side of endgame bc we didnt have it around that long. Pservers prob had a lot of tier 3 vs tier 3 geared players but i havent a clue bc not to many people cleared naxx in class bc what was the point aside from progression?


The type of person that has to ask other people for the answer to this question is not the type of person that would be on a Naxxramas raid team. So does it really matter?



I mean a guess a t3 warrior would be useful in AV lmao


If you want to get slapped around by every other class like a red headed step child roll rogue.

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Enhance Shaman is where it’s…

Oh, wait, this is Classic.

We sucked back then.



You would have to shoot me in the head before I rolled a shaman again.


Warriors are better in naxx pieces, but neither one actually wears their their full t3 in pvp. Warriors obviously dont want the tanking stats that are on their set and rogues t2.5 set bonuses are better than wearing a full t3 set.


warrior benefits the most from pocket heals and late game progression but suffers the most from the overall grinds due to gear depedancy, rogues just suffer pre lvl 40

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Yea, you wont be able to world of roguecraft people on classic.


If you don’t mind the fact you’re in a tanking set…(which is terrible for pvp).


Glutton for punishment?


Eviscerate does STATIC DAMAGE


Good luck getting T3 as a Rogue when the token is shared with Warriors, which 8 of them need the 4 piece bonus for 4H.


you could be a feral druid and get the best of both worlds.