Too many haters, too many instigators

So every straight non disabled person is living in their parents basement and is a eating Cheetohs on a crusty keyboard laden with crumbs typing dumb things? Kinda swinging for the fence aren’t? So I assume you don’t like people who are happy living a “straight” life


Someone who doesn’t want to learn anything like you will just repeat the same fodder. There’s no dialogue. :wave:t3:

There’s no dialogue because you’re unable to answer a simple question.


Maybe you should brush up your reading comprehension. And reread by post, I don’t have an issue with existence of any character who happens to be different than I in real life… others on the hand…

There are people who cruise the internet looking for websites they can inject their political beliefs into by posing as members. I see you have more than a passing familiarity with this concept. Indeed, when called out such people often will try to reframe the argument. As you did. But your writing and propaganda skills are not strong, grasshopper.


That’s a lot of assuming and putting words I never wrote. If you reread again, you will maybe understand that I mean everyone, of every walk of life that plays the game should be able to immerse themselves in fantasy games like WoW.

Reported your name for being drug related.

For those that don’t know a splif is a joint


OK no its not the same as being disabled m8. What are you actually on.
I really actually don’t care what they do with characters, I only start too care when people try and act like it is a big deal. Or if the company tries to brag about it.


Splifs isn’t a drug… are you like 49 yr old with no life and need a hug or something.

You can try and twist your argument to suit your agenda, you’re woke, we already know that is your objective here. Still waiting for you to answer the questions that everyone has asked you. Are you going to keep side stepping them like most people do when their argument is weak?


I wrote a 100 page macros java.
I desided to stop and have fun playin this game only… Left my hat on the table.
Watch “Blind Melon - No Rain” on YouTube

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I never said gay people are disabled… I said they both have communities and culture and that’s a fact. If you don’t know that, it’s because you know little of those two communities. And that’s not bad because people can learn, but feigning outrage over something you know little about is embarrassing xx

I spent 5 years of my life wheelchair bound, I never want to roll around Azeroth in wheel chair pal, you make players in WoW to escape reality, why do some people try so hard to bring reality to WoW


I was just going to report your obvious attempt at a troll thread. But the name seemed more fun to report.

And I said drug related


This is how Splifs thinks an expansion’s final fight should go:

Big Bad: “Foolish mortals, no man can defeat me”

The PC: “I don’t identify as a man”

Big Bad "NOOOOOO " *Dies


Did you just equate sexual orientation with being disabled? Yikes dude. Literally not something a legitimate member of the LGBTQ+ community would ever, ever, ever do.


I didn’t say that. If you looked at my previous comments I said I would not purport to know what wheel-chair bound people want… surely some will be like you, others who are chronically wheel-chair bound might like seeing a cool character in the game who is badazz and wheel-chair bound—-idk, I ain’t wheelchair bound.

By definition of Oxford dictionary a spiff is an mj cigarette. A joint in other words


sharing in the Blind Melon goodness

If you’re older then 12 I’d be embarrassed by that silly post. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: