Too many haters, too many instigators

Players who freak out at the existence of characters who aren’t straight males and think their existence is controversial and “woke”.… 1) this is a fantasy game…2) acknowledge the existence of people who also very much exist in real life is not controversial….3) y’all are immature, grow up. Get a grip and get over it.

Players who come to the forum to pretend they are pro-LGBT and diversity in-game but only write things to stir the pot…ex ”social contract every month”(huh?)… y’all are immature too cause that’s not cute.

Let’s hope for good stories moving forward, and good stories are driven by deep, complex characters that are imaginative, diverse and compelling. That means not having writers that don’t stick to a singular worldview or experience, or tired tropes of any kind.


Do not worry! They’ve created an APP to help them be more diverse! Everything is ok now!!
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Edit: seriously if you have to create an app to help you create diversity in a video game then it truly shows how much they struggle at that company with diversity inclusion.

Strange world we live in today.


I dont care or want to know what a character does in their spare time or who they bump uglies with. I just want a fun game and good story that’s not riddled with “insert checkmark here”


I swear to the god that you believe in if I see one more post like this I’m just going to start reporting you people directly to Bobby Kotick.


It’s never ending and extremely annoying.


LGBT people is more than a sexual orientation. It is an entire culture and identity formed from years of exclusion. Just like disabled people, for instance the deaf community. All types of people are deserving of seeing themselves in the imagination of fantasy worlds, just as much as every straight non-disabled chad and brad living in their parents basement writing dumb things form their crusty cheetoh-laden keyboards.


I think that you need a break from social media, friend.


Not that I really care, provided we are not doing it just to “do it” but I had to point out the irony of your points.


I appreciate you OP. The forums as a whole will probably not. But I do


What about blind people they can’t see themselves in media.

Well that was a horrible statement.

The main reason so many are against it (in my opinion) is such poor writing when it comes to said interactions. Most people want a good interactive story not a lazy, through away, two dimensional npc


You were making a semi decent point in your post until the part I quoted.


These people are literally instigators. They’re probably also on some cooking forum and an exercise forum trying to pretend they’re the normal ones.


Fantasy games are the imagination of real people because that’s who imagines them, it is informed by real life…. And people of all walks of life deserve to be part of that imagination because the game isn’t made for one specific type of person. If you don’t get that understand that premise idk what to tell you.


Hell just look at how bad they are with writing about Tyrande and Malfuions relationship. It was a running joke for most of Legion and then used as an excuse as to why Tyrande left her people at the hands of the Horde. They can’t even do a good job with straight relationships…


Well that explains why I am riding a dragon to work :slight_smile:


Reading comprehension is hard ay :joy:

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Exclusion formed LGBTQ? News to me, I thought it was a bunch of gay, bi, and trans people that formed it.


Sexuality is not a character trait.


At least you admit your ignorance.

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I dont think that’s the problem. The problem is how they advertise their games as being diverse and allowing other characters to be LGBTQ or Black etc.

If they’re adding more customization to our characters then that’s fine because you’re advertising what the player can create even though it shows features from real world races.

However, making a whole graph about how their company and games is full of diversity is just going a bit too far. Sure, you can be proud of being diverse but you making a chart kind of seems like advertising.

Take Netflix for example and their category called “Black Stories”. Why are these movies just under one category when they can be in any category? I remember a huge outbreak about this being a thing. It should’ve been just regular categories.

Being diverse is ok but advertising is not to bring in more money from those people theyre targeting is not.