Too many haters, too many instigators

But you don’t know how

Nice way to assume dude. Again i dont care about their own personal business. That’s their thing. Write a good story, make a good and fun game but dont do it all just to check things off a list.


Well said. They are going overboard or are trying to make sure everybody knows they’re being inclusive when they should just do it.

They need to stop with all this diversity garbage talk / app talk to help them and JUST DO IT. I almost feel like they’re segregating minorities more with this new diversity tool / app they have going on. Like dude, they’re normal people, just add it in the story and don’t make it feel like tokenism. How hard is that?

Sadly, the company itself must still be lacking in the acceptance of diversity, otherwise i don’t think theyd need an app to show that we are all human beings and all on this earth together.

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As a an actual real life LGBT person:

LGBT is more than a sexual orientation, it is an entire culture and identity formed from years of exclusion. Queerness its about loving ourselves and celebrating being human, in all its parts, including parts that have been repressed, oppressed, and now being liberated.

LGBT have Vogue balls scenes were everyone is welcome (literally created an entire dance form!), we have our own traditions, our own language (could a straight person new to the scene even understand the inside jokes and phrases we use?no!), we have bars and clubs that function as social safe spaces, we have drag/house mothers and fathers that take care of their “kids”, we have extended LGBT family members to fill the void of blood relatives who’ve abandoned them, we have LGBT sports clubs. I can go anywhere in the World, and LGBT people will be there to help as if they were family. Ex. In Japan, entering a LGBT bar meant being fed and given local advice by an elder lesbian who treated me like her younger brother.

MAYBE you don’t know any LGBT people or understand how it’s integral to someone identity, but understand that LGBT “community” is a thing, just like there is a Hispanic community, Mormon communities, Christian community, Parent communities, gamer communities etc. All identified that don’t fully define someone but are part of them in important ways.


Alix I’ll take AI posting for 2000…

Ok the answer is

Use literally in a sentence that marks sense.

Is the English Language becoming more generic, in the sense that English is distinguishing less between masculine and feminine?
people instigators

instigators are thus marked as people

That’s some gangster stuff right there, formed up to fight the rivals across the street, what now son…

Or it simply is a way to sum up a community of gay, bi, and trans people.

I will stick with the latter

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Cool beans now explain to me how that has any bearing in a game.


If a if was some splifs we be all messed up!

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You must be an adult. With at least average reading comprehension. You can do it, I believe in you.

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What about people with spina bifida? amputees? autism? intellectual disabilities? why can’t I play a tauren with spina bifida? If we’re going to really be diverse, then lets not discriminate these people either.

Can’t we all just let blizzard create a game that is actually good instead of prioritising social issues.


Many activists have embedded themselves within the entertainment industry specifically to use tokenistic representation and dishonest argumentation as a way to strong-arm society into their particular world view. The artistic integrity of games has been thrown by the wayside in exchange for shallow political messaging. Is it any wonder that people are defensive?

I say this as a disabled multi-racial trans woman myself. What I care about first and foremost is meaning and aesthetic. If these aren’t the first and foremost on the industry’s minds, then any positive messaging will inevitably backfire. People can smell propaganda from a mile away.


Posting before 404

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Ah, so you actually just want to push an agenda.

Well don’t worry, cry hard enough and I’m sure you’ll be able to make your character a mix race, non binary, transgendered potato who identifies as a crock pot soon enough


There is a book called 1984 and it explains how to negate language and it’s power; white is black, black is white.
A great example is when Trump got busted for trying to bribe Ukraine and was accused of corruption. If you watch his speech to the reporters, he used the word “corruption” about fifty times in five minutes until the word itself became meaningless.
The hammering at this forum for diversity and the other trigger words has simply made us numb and uncaring; dead in the water means we can’t take the bait anymore.


Nice straw man argument for someone who can’t muster at least one intellectual thought.


That’s rich coming from someone who thinks sexuality is important to a good story


The existence of people who aren’t straight and male and non-disabled are social issues….

That explains a lot.

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Well it’s clearly an issue for you isn’t it? You’re the one pushing the agenda.


There wasn’t a strawman. He asked a question and you skirted it.


Why should any of us, you are just avoiding legit questions.