Tomorrow Dec 10th the QQ's about BG Q's

Correct, but it boils down to not only the numbers but the frequency of said PVP interested players Q’n up.

If you have 10 servers and 5 are PVP servers where 75% of the population of the PVP servers are Horde…

And 5 PVE servers where 75% of the population of the PVE servers are Alliance…

It’s a very safe bet that the PVP Servers are going to contain a higher % of players who would Q up regularly for BG’s.

As a result of such a very basic observation we can then assume safely that the Horde Q’s will be epic.

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You could use the numbers from a few months ago. Not THAT much has changed.

More recently, addons learned to use the /who window’s calls to SendWho() to get the data. They also started farming clicks from normal player actions.

I hope they’re legendary.

Flamelash legendary…

AV queues will probably be the worst. :slight_smile:

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All US is in one battle group so there will no significant queues.

Even if there were queues that just means those players are going to go grief you in the open world.

Be careful what you ask for.

look at that beautiful paid character transfer heads up in these patch notes. :slight_smile:

I don’t think the queues will be bad. So much BIS gear comes from BG reputation that people will be spamming them for days

My body is ready!

Hope to get some Queue time in before Raid, then after raid sit in queues. :smiley:

Thank you for proving my point about the alliance…

Yeah I do agree that Alliance are more pve prone and look for BIS. Last night we had a Kazzak spawn and the alliance beat the horde in getting it. Alliance showed up en mass to fight for it. But once Kazzak was dead all these mage portals to IF and SW were opening up and the Alliance numbers fell drastically over the course of a few minutes, while the horde stayed to clean up the people that took their world boss kill.

It’s sad, but true.

Exactly all they care about is loot… in agame, that we already played 15 years ago… that we already know the fights… in a content tier that’s super easy, where you don’t need BiS by any stretch of the imagination or even a good PVE spec…

if i want to play this game as a glorified paper doll dressup simulator, that is my right.

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retail is better for barbie dress up. but if you wanna go all in it costs a ton of gold. :>

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Why do you min-max PVE but when it comes to PVP you just kinda show up to get slaughtered in your PVE gear with your PVE spec?

because i dont care enough, frankly. if i wanted to be a pvp god i sure as hell wouldnt have rolled a holy priest.

And this is why the Horde Q’s will be VERY long, thank you for proving my point.

not my problem :woman_shrugging:

are you gonna transfer to pve when the transfers come up?

No, why would I? My friends play here, and the open world has calmed down enough that i dont find it bothersome. If i want to pvp, i play my warlock.

No announcement about battlegroup queues like we had in vanilla so I’m guessing the queueing will be like in retail (in all aspects). Makes me a little sad.