Today's Dreamseed Hotfixes

Poor Blizzard can’t win. Last week everyone was complaining that they had to grind rep. This week they’re complaining that they can’t grind rep.

As an outsider, this seems like two people on the design team have been fighting - not arguing/disagreeing, but fighting - over what’s appropriate, including bringing in supervisors to try & push decisions their idea of the ‘right’ way.

It’s been weeks that the how-to-grind-dreamwardens guides have been around the community. This was a known issue.

Any of the designs which have been implemented in the last 48 hours would have been reasonable.

Randomly swapping between approaches smells like a design team that’s at war with each other.

At this point you need to go with something more over-rewarding cos the devs have muddied the water too much with their chopping & changing.


On the fact you have to grind in case you progress mythic on a serious level or do high m+ nothing changed. It was lost at the moment they tied player power to it.

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Look at all the people mad they were not fast enough to catch the exploit.

But what if I want to grind?

Then it’ll be somewhere between 12.5 and 25 hours per rep level.

(2500 to get a level… you get either 5 or 10 per seed, so that’s somewhere between 250 and 500 seeds required… a seed takes 3 minutes, but there’ll be travel time, but you’ll find some seeds-in-progress, so be generous and call it three minutes… so that’s between 750 and 1500 minutes… divide those by 60, and you get 12.5 to 25 hours).

Edit: For comparison if you were on during US prime time at mid-afternoon to evening, and getting 250 per seed, that’s 30 minutes per level.

Someone catching up gets half a level to a level free.

Someone who did 5 last night & then logged on late today is half a level to a level behind.

And agree with Yumuros’ point about collection. My estimate for current rate is definitely generous, it’s realistically slower.

That assumes you have a seed yourself to be even eligible to the rep attached to it. Getting a seed needs also to be taken into the account.

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Does more Super Bloom participation also reward nothing? No rep, no proper loot, just some supplies and a handful of flightstones. Shouldn’t there be AT LEAST some rep considering that the event is just happening every hour and most people can’t do these events all day?
Also - just great. Contributed to seeds and got nothing. Well, 5 flightstones, but that’s basically the same as nothing. Shouldn’t there still be some herbs and stuff? Why should anyone contribute to further seeds when it’s just a waste of time and serves no purpose at all? What’s happening?


Just did seeds - i used my seed and contributed in some dews and got nothing. where is my rep?

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I’ve been farming it all day after doing the alt human character → main method. Currently renown 15. After nerfs if you are in a raid group separating the seeds evenly so you can fly to each one right as it drops the chest(I just joined a random one I found in group finder not that hard to do) you’re looking at 8+ hours per renown if you’re lucky. I averaged it out but you can get anywhere from 15-30 rep rep every 3 minutes because you have multiple seeds ticking on the map and you can fly between them if they are spaced out well. You get seeds from the nuts in the zone and the superbloom even if you repeat it so seeds arent too bad to keep getting. Also in raid groups people just spread out their seeds, you dont need to put in a seed for rep its just dew.

It should still be higher though even if I have a bias since I’m planning on grinding it just cause. I grinded obsidian at launch and finished that too for neck but tbh I think obsidian was more fun than this and its basically because of the pacing and how simple this is to do right now. Should raise the amount of rep per seed for casuals and just let people fill the zone and have fun if they choose to put this many hours into it.


Tbh we should get more from effort. Superblooms after the first weekly is just for a good amount of dew and seeds. Thats it. Think I got a cosmetic too, but still.


Well the “rep grind” was the only thing to do there for the rest of the week. Reminds of the Broken Chore back in Legion.

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“Never attribute to malice that which can be attributed to stupidity.”

Giant companies especially ones with modern corporate / tech culture are so hilariously ineffcient. Most individual contributors (the people doing the legwork) are very new in their careeer and probably doing just enough to not get fired and their boss was at the leadership ski retreat so they didn’t see the email full of questions.

Now the patch is about to release and nobody paid attention to the rep gain from this thing because the only people who laid eyes on it have been at Blizzard for 6 months and their manager hasn’t trained them well enough and now it’s live and everyones pants are on fire trying to timegate this ish.

I’d be fine with just deleting Superblooms lol. This event is so hilariously generic. You follow the guy for 10 minutes and a bunch of trash mobs spawn and then it’s over.

This event could realistically be completed by a sleeping person accidentally resting their nose on the W key.

there was nothing much as rewards for that renown - I don’t know why you are so concerned about people grinding the rep this way. At least there were people always willing to help max out your seed with people running around.

no thanks - then the people who don’t want to grind are hurt most.

I agree - that superbloom event needs rep for the first time you do it. That is one tedious event to do for not much.

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We can all admit this is a worse zone than korthia and zeralek caverns. Both of those at least had a number of things to do, with variable rep items that could be turned in. Seeing as the only thing to do in this zone are superblooms and seeds, it is pretty lackluster. And dont even count RaRe FaRmInG, because those rares dont even last 10sec and die instantly, so you dont even have time to get to them… not excited for the things to come in TWW or beyond ngl, because the showcase were just reused features like the digs in the caverns, now called “delves”.


Can you also consider making Zaralek Caverns Rares’ more soloable please? Thank you.


Feels like an entire system is missing from the zone, and now they kill the only one that made it in.