Today's Dreamseed Hotfixes

Meant to reply to the post above yours mb.

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I have had 3 drop lol.

Lol, wow.

No, that was hot fixed as you can see in the blue post above.


Even the blue post says that.

Not every bloom is large or medium, though.

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I do see where there was a period of time that this was turned off. But I’ve been getting rep without contributing seeds. It seems I’m falling into the latter, where I’ve been able to reap the benefits of the hotfix.

lol I’m no mature enough to keep using this verbiage to describe the currency; darn you blizz

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No, only for large and medium blooms. That is not every one.

So you don’t automatically get rep for simply contributing dew drops.

Correct. it is RNG, but that’s where I mentioned that more participation in-zone, the more other’s help provide their own seed…man, thanks blizz…the greater yield one’s dewdrop-only contribution can be.

I guess I’m not describing my take well. But the more folks that are participating, the more chances for RNG you have. If you’re in a zone where no one is calling out when a dreamseed event is starting, you’ll have less of a chance for them to successfully complete

There is no more grind, it only gives 5-10 rep per blue/purple seed now. Not worth doing/using your seeds for that little return.


So basically if a person has no seeds, they have to sit around and wait for a large or medium bloom.

Which may take a while to spawn.

So people have to wait around for RNG spawn in order to get 5 rep.

Yeah that just simply doesn’t respect players’ time.

There’s really not anything more to say in regards to that.

Yeah, that part can be frustrating, which is why when I was running them more frequently earlier in the evening, I would ping the map, even if i didn’t start the event, just to try and make sure everyone in-zone could participate - if even just with dew - to see if they can get some rep.

I wonder if we will see LFG groups putting together ‘dreamseed runs’ and trying to coordinate completion?

I will add that I wish we could go back to farming rep using tabards like in the Wrath/Cata days. That felt really good. I do like the open world community feel these have, though

Seriously the fact they just took the shotgun approach to this again like they did with zalerak when the seed groups this morning when it was super jank were the most lively ive seen any zone in a52 in a long time is pretty sad.

Even better is that they blast it with a shotgun then tell you “this should lead to an increase in overall weekly rep for most players :disguised_face:

It’s not fooling me anymore. They have almost no idea what the average outcomes are and there’s no way they can reasonably extrapolate that information based off less than 24 hours of players using the zone. It’s not realistic.

There’s no chance they had time between hotfixes to have data analysts do reporting on this stuff. There’s no way. It isn’t possible.

All they had to do was leave it at 50 rep, that is still worth grinding. Now it’s 5. That is basically telling people to stay logged off till next week =/. Think world quests reset tomorrow, so that will be 20-30 minutes if you take your time. Sucks, but oh well. Next week will be fun.

This is exactly the same BS as forbidden reach rares 1st couple days, then ZC rares and mini events… lol.

5 rep is basically nothing. Yeah, technically you still get rep, but come on. With 5 rep every few minutes you get literally nowhere. That’s not even grindable.
It wasn’t exactly fun to begin with, just flying around and contributing to seeds, but at least I could do something, because the zone just doesn’t offer much. Now Blizz killed even that. And on top of that the people who abused it early, as always, are far ahead and there’s no way to catch up. Just great.
It’s Zaralek all over again, but now it happened on day 1 and not after two weeks.


seeds take like what 3 minutes to bloom? you get 5 rep each one.

5 rep every 3 min. You can do 20 an hour (if you wasted literal zero time).

so 5x20 = 100 rep per hour.

10 hours = 1000 rep

20 hours = 2000 rep

25 hours = 2500 rep

so if you grinded these blossoms for 25 hours straight, you get 1 renown.

and that’s assuming that every seed you go to is a large or medium blossom, because if its not, then you get no rep for only contributing dew drops. so if you grind for 25 hours straight and somehow get so lucky that all 500 seeds where you contribute dew drops are large or medium, then you get one renown… if even one of those seeds is small, then you could spend 25 hours and not even get one renown.

that is not respecting players’ time.

and i’m gonna be honest, i thought that grinding these blossoms was fun… its cool to put the seeds and dew drops in, then farm the little mobs and weeds around them to get more dew drops while you wait for it to grow…

when i did my first five tonight, i was so happy… i was like, “wow ok 250 rep lets go! i’m literally gonna grind this til max this weekend, no joke”.

then after the first five, i started getting only 5 rep and wasn’t sure if i did something wrong or something was bugged.

then i found out it thats intended, 250 for the first five per week only…

yeah, im not logging on again til next week… thanks blizzard.


I have a new theory.

The lead dev on dream warden rep is an ouija board, who gets re-consulted every hour.

Let us grind this reasonably - people already have. The level it’s at is just baiting players with mental issues at the current level, so either make it zero or boost it.

The level it’s at now is penalising those who didn’t play for a specific period of about 12 hours during the US evening. Everyone who played before or after is getting stuffed around.


yeah and the fact that the grind is so unreasonable now makes it even less grindable…

because you rely on other people contributing their own seeds but people aren’t going to contribute any of their seeds after their first five, so the likelihood of this being actually “grindable” is so miniscule, it’s not worth even entertaining the possibility of attempting it.

it’s just not even worth… since its not worth for people, there’s not gonna be anyone in the zone to

  1. contribute their seeds so you can even get your 5 rep from dew drops.
  2. help kill the 19mil hp rares.
  3. assist the superblooms and help get the purple box.
  4. anything else to do in the zone? idk… world quests that will be completed within 15 min tops.

the zone is just done basically… people will go there on tuesday to do their superbloom and their five seeds and that’s all.

it’s going to be like zaralek caverns with the researchers event - you can only get your researcher event done if you log on tuesday morning right after reset and do it, otherwise there is no one there to help.