Today's Dreamseed Hotfixes

But how is it counted if you already did 5 before change?

I did maybe 10 seeds casually, no grinding. even used 4 of my own epic and everything, 20 rep per, period. that’s 200 rep TOTAL for using all my best seeds.

someone who starts today gets more rep than I did for a single seed. I already used all mine, and now effectively 1000 rep behind others who do same activity that i already did.

This was handled badly.


I will never get shilling for billion dollar companies who give zero crap about you.


Yeah. Everyone capping out seed rep for the week in less than 30 minutes means we’re gonna have another dead zone like the caverns. There isn’t much else to do after you knock out the weekly activities…unless they are adding a lot more next week

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“They aren’t exploits, they’re premium features!”

(I jest … I think?)


This is the part I’m not following. What do you mean by using tokens to go from 10 to max

I still got the 1250 on top of the rep I got earlier today, so you’ll end up ahead. And you can get more seeds/dew drops to contribute by killing stuff.

I think it’s the anniversary buff token?

How the heck do you get that

It’s not until the 15th, so I was wrong anyways. But if you’ve got an active account on their anniversary they mail you stuff. Ususally one is a token for rep/renown and experience increase.

It was the first thing that sprang to mind about tokens. I’m drawing a blank what other tokens apply.


I noticed something was up when i only got 103 rep from a rep token that would normally give 700-1500… The everblooms are now awarding 5-10 rep instead of 250-500. A rep grind? You’re not kidding. What about all those who are already past the renown 10-20 mark? Are you going to take that Rep away from them or just screw over everyone else that can’t be on the game 24/7. Either someone seriously got their math wrong or this is one of the crappiest hotfixes I’ve seen yet. If you didn’t want people to endlessly farm it then why put rep in many of the events in the zone? Bad play on you honestly.


It doesn’t count the ones you did prior to the hotfix. My guess is that they added new quest ids for tracking and thus, no one had completed them yet. I’d done quite a few, but am still halfway through R9 even after the change, which sucks because now I have to wait until next week to hit R10. :confused:

Ohhhhh they’re talking about the tokens that drop from participating in the seeds. Derp.

I have the option to grind or not. That’s just fact. How you managed to toss insults because of that is beyond me.

Who exactly is “shilling?” Some people like it, some people don’t seem to comprehend it, some people hate it. Who claimed Blizz cares? They’re a coproration. What are you even on about? LOL

No, they’re talking about the rep tokens you get from the questlines. They farm the seeds until level 10, then they use the tokens to boost themselves close to 15.


This is an absolutely TERRIBLE decision - if you were able to play day off you get to have the rep maxed or close to it. If you could well get wrecked you can now longer max it out for week 2.

This is functionally a reputation - if people want to grind to max it out LET THEM DAMN WELL GRIND.

Instead Blizzard goes the absolute asinine route of hamstring those who didn’t/couldn’t go hard right away.

For once it would be nice to just see Blizzard admit they screwed the pooch on something like this and then leave it so its fair to all players and then actually LEARN from the mistake the next time


Very strange to quadruple the grind requirement for people who did not abuse it early on, for something that does not give character power but quality of life. This is very disrespectful of people’s time, thinking they can plan to do things later in the week but no since they decide to do it later they must do QUADRUPLE the effort of people who decided to do this within the first 42 hours of the patch.


They just made their new zone dead overnight. :woozy_face:


this was pretty much my reaction. I was farming rep when the first hotfix came in. once we realized it had been nerfed, and there was no reason to play anymore, we logged out and went to play a different game.

great move on blizz’s part to chase people out of the game.


You can clearly tell how much attention I’m paying to anything in this patch thus far. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Yeah zones pretty much dead after weeklies, and now this.

i miss timeless isle… was always something to do there.