Today's Dreamseed Hotfixes

Tbh… I never did figure out how these things work and I just go around doing them hoping for mounts ._.’

I know the rep will come in time but I’m after the collectables.


so what is the thinking behind the idea that you dont want grinding to be the best way to cap a renown?

There isnt a reward in there that is going to be really relevant for players engaging in the seasonal content, and it isnt a longform rep. so im honestly confused as to why its really an issue.


I’ve yet to see a mount. But 2x Snoots…

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I felt like after you were done your daily rares, and daily quests, korthia was pretty slow on the rep increase - other than maybe waiting for those portals to spawn and killing the big rares within - plus you couldn’t fly in korthia.

Probably minor, but the ability to quickly traverse this area, call out events - that are player driven, and not randomly spawning - is pretty darn cool, to me

I got a couple mounts so far and no snoots

Seeds randomly spawning and mindless AOE on Superbloom aren’t really player-driven. The rewards are, because they increase based on participation/generosity, but the events themselves are not.


I feel like these changes weren’t thought through very well.

See, I’m alright with most of this. I’ll be honest, I REEEEEEALLY don’t enjoy rep grinding at the best of times so anything that’ll get me my Augment Rune quickly with minimal chores in the way will be most welcome. But the fact that these 250 rep tokens can still double means that someone can RNG their way into getting all five of their weekly 250 rep tokens to arbitrarily double , with no additional input, putting them nearly a full Renown level ahead of someone who didn’t get any doubles every two weeks.

I’m not a big fan of my rep gains having the ability to Titanforge. There’s a reason why I hated that crap system.


The seeds are player driven, in the sense that it requires players to plant the seed and - ideally - call out that they’re doing so, so more folks can help contribute. This is different than hitting up the rare spawn points and just waiting. I do acknowledge that the locations where they can be planted are random, but there seems to be no shortage of those.

It’s a minor difference, i do agree, but it’s a step in a direction that is more in the hands of the players, and not waiting for rares to spawn to help progress rep.

i’ll be renown 20 at some point, but yall enjoy getting there first!


Make it daily and it would make the content a bit more alive.


They stated that they’re literally locking end game content. Once you hit max level, you will not be able to do anything at all besides normal dungeons still, at best.

So, again, nobody cares. 3 day early access is whatever, it’s fine. You just hit max level, then play another toon to hit max level on. With 3 day early access you’ll be able to get a few more toons to max level over everyone else, that’s it. If that’s an issue, then people need to get over it.


it’s also why we shouldn’t have mounts bigger than doorways.

I appreciate the transparency Kaivax

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This gardening business is the WORST. Don’t you bring your fancy LFR mechanics in here. I gotta pull weeds, squish bugs, water a plant. Like an ordinary peasant. You realize how difficult that is?


As opposed to an extraordinary peasant :upside_down_face:


Actually as opposed to a dead beat druid. Yer givin’ me way more credit than I deserve. :heartpulse:


Blizzard: “Hey, I know we only gave you 1 thing to do all week but we are going to take it away day 1, please log back in tuesday and try again”


While the update is appreciated, the current system isn’t the best, either. First, while the initial boost of the 5 first seeds of the week is nice, it’s severely limiting in that it leaves no use for the seeds for the rest of the week (aside from the cosmetics/collectibles).

It would be a lot better if there was a daily cap with a lowered bonus and then a higher per-seed reward after that, making seeds continually useful. Eg:


  • 250 (can be doubled if you’re lucky) for the first 5 seeds.
  • Subsequent seeds only yield 5 rep, regardless of seed quality.
  • Resets weekly.

Where X/Y is a seed quality modifier:

  • Green = 50/5
  • Blue = 125/15
  • Epic = 250/25

And then:

  • X rep per seed (can be doubled) for the first 5 seeds of each type.
  • Y rep per seed thereafter.
  • Resets daily (ideally, but this would still be better as weekly than what we have now)

You’re just exploring the Decay side of the life cycle

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You musta been reading my mind - I was just responding to that too much green thread and referencing Maldraxxus.

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