To Vrakthris

“These forums are primarily for players to discuss the game with their fellow players. This one in particular is about Customer Support.”

Why would I think that Customer Support was Support for Customers from Customers? That is not what other customers mean by customer support.

“This forum is actively monitored by Support Forum Agents like me”
“We are not Game Masters, nor are we Moderators.”

What? A forum moderator oversees the communication activity. They monitor the exchange between participants and move discussions from one topic to another to keep conversation organized. From the Michigan State website. Maybe you are right, maybe Michigan State is right, who knows? I would bet Michigan State is right.

“I’m sorry to hear that, if it is based on the style of posting that I have witnessed today it is likely for the same reason.”

You had merged my post into a thread that had nothing to do with my post and ended up apologizing for it. So it likely wasn’t and you are wrong.

“You apparently haven’t learned anything from previous interactions with me, Jeangrae.”

Personal attacks against customers are always good, that’ll show em!


Because it’s plainly laid out in the stickied thread that outlines this forum.

I suggest you give it a read and keep from toeing the line towards potential account action.


Some people need to know when to cut and run…


It was NOT an attack on you. A forum staff member has every right to respond - they were responding directly to you, what you wrote.

Please… get… over… it…

Report and move on…


Thanks Vrakthris!

Do you post in every thread or just everyone that I make?

Attacking people is not gonna help with your issue.


And now we can add passive-aggression to the list, I suppose.

While you may have washed away all the sympathy I had for you at the start, I do wish you the best of luck in the future, should you continue this path.

If that means it takes you away from WoW and into other fields, I hope they’re just as enjoyable, but I do wish to give caution that you are very likely to encounter players the likes of which you mentioned in your first thread in nearly every single game. It isn’t solely in WoW that this happens, and many other companies generally don’t take the same firm approach as Blizzard does.


Sincerely, please stop Jeangrae.

You’re going well over the top now.


That is what we mean though, and what is outlined in our pinned thread, as Ekon mentioned. I can appreciate that you may not have been immediately aware, but those posts are there to help define the basic purpose of a forum category.

Yes, but you are quibbling over the word that does not mean the same thing in this context. I would think that you know perfectly well what a Forum Moderator is, they are the ones that respond to reported posts and who moderate posts that may violate our forum Code of Conduct. I would bet Michigan state isn’t referring to gaming forums and how nuanced words can be when referring to specific positions and not an overall definition.

I don’t recall the incident. Sorry. My guess is that it was while we were having some realm or log in issues, though that doesn’t discount that you likely were posting in the same style you are today.

As I said, player to player forum where anyone in good standing is able to post as long as they abide by our policies. They were providing you with useful information based on your comment.

I’m sorry if you felt that was a personal attack, it certainly wasn’t intended as such. Only a notation that any previous interaction with me likely did not result in a penalty simply for posting. As I assume you likely did when I moved your thread. As I said, I generally wouldn’t penalize someone for creating a new thread once, but that really is the limit.