To the people that play wow alone

Do you find the game enjoyable ? if so why(as in what you enjoy doing)?

I’m mostly asking because playing the game with and without friends are such different experiences that the latter had me questioning if all the fun from the game comes merely from playing with people you know


I don’t play alone and the reason for that is that there are way better single player games.


i just enjoy getting better gear and playing the cool character races, im easy to please


I’m having tons of fun. I don’t do grouped content often, but when I do, I turn off chat. If I can’t kill a mob myself, I’ll wait until someone comes, tag it, and leave.

I deal with enough people at work.


I don’t care about grouping or not grouping, but I really really dislike scheduling my playtime when I log in.


I mean…I RP and meet tons of characters and what not. If want to play with other folks though, that can easily be fixed by joining a guild or begin recruitment in this guild.

If we’re talkin’ pure solo with no human interaction, I’d probably write short stories and achievement hunt.

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I play alone. In the dark. With my music turned to ear splitting.

Other people rarely go at my snail pace of leveling. Plus, I leave drama at work. Mobs usually don’t insult my gear or my talent tree.


That’s cool, I’m the total opposite. I hate logging on and not knowing what I’m doing. It’s nice to know I have 2-3 hours to play and know that I’ll be spending that time doing exactly what I wanna be doing - which is usually raid or keys of some sort. Waiting for groups is feelsbadman.


I primarily play solo (look at my guild name.) It’s been this way since around MoP. I was in a guild with a good chunk of people, then took a break and when I came back things weren’t the same and I parted ways. During wotlk, I ran a guild of 150+ active members, but due to drama things fell apart. I’ve been essentially solo since. My cousins and brother used to play a lot, then fell off mid BFA. So I went back to playing solo.

What I find enjoyable is riding with the middle of the pack (player base wise.) I participate in dungeons etc enough to get gear and experience the new content etc.

When it’s all done, I generally get bored and rotate to my Xbox/PS4.

I can’t bring myself to try and join a bigger guild. One of my biggest pet peeves is asking for stuff and seeing the gbank all locked out. It takes too much energy to try and establish yourself with new people.


That is a complex and dynamic question that you have asked. I appreciate that. The things I enjoy doing alone, which is about 75% of my play time…

Revisiting old content to get transmogs, battle pets, rare resources.
Leveling alts
Experiencing the story for a variety of locations/npcs.
Resource Gathering
Playing the Auction House stock market.
Being mellow and finding nice views.

But I do group. Lately, I’ve been learning to heal, so that has been a lot of hectic territory I haven’t been in since Burning Crusade. However, this seems to be the exception to my more solo journey.


It’s good to know people are still having fun on their own , maybe i should’ve been a bit more specific with the thread, i was referring more to people who used to play wow with friends but most of them quit , do you feel some kind of void when playing? , like the game it’s just not as fun anymore , I’ve read some comments regarding that type of issue but i wanted to heard more directly about that


See I’ve read the debates.

Solo vs. Guild. In a perfect world everyone would just pick a useful spec/class whatever and be in that group always. You get the most out of the game that way and everyone wins the I participated and got trophies.

But this isn’t a perfect world. I go a week without playing. My Internet is garbage on my toaster of a computer. Everyone has to be synchronized and ready at set time. Real life shows up. Kids get sick. Car blew a gasket. A virus zombified your work schedule.

Solo play is my world. It is enjoyed differently. I’ve never argued for solo perks, but it is like playing one person football.


World of WarCraft is a work of art.

There are so many artists, animators, musicians and actors working on this game, to create one big piece of META-ART.

How could I NOT find this game enjoyable?

Edit: And, of course, the lore. I love the characters and stories. I can’t wait to see what Sylvanas does, especially. I read the books, I watch the animations, I listen to podcasts, all that junk.


Yes , because the content I am doing does not depend on other ppl or doesn’t require them except for wpvp then I need some horde nabs to pawn :rage:


I mostly play WoW for the lore these days. I haven’t logged on to my characters since… well, since Classic launched, since I’ve spent all my time there. Wrath was the best time in the game, as far as I’m concerned.


Oh, that’s much more specific. Yes, I started out back in Vanilla, and I’ve played with dozens of guilds. Friends have come and gone. Given the nature of this expansion, it’s just me playing these days. Without a lot of free time, I can’t really go out and do a whole lot, so I end up logging in and continuing where I left off the day before. Sure it’s lonely, but it’s better than being bored. That’s why I’m trying out healing at the current moment.

I play alone. I like with WoW I can come and go as I please.

I do mythic+ and BGs. No raiding though.


I play alone most of the time. I enjoy the pace I can set for myself. I have enjoyed my self for 14 years now and will only stop when I no longer am having some sort of fun.


Im a lone wolf mostly, i do have friends i play with on occasion but scheduals and what not. I dont like gms that have me up at 1am in the bloody morning to raid with their guilds. Im an older player and need my darn sleep.


WoW being 15 years old…has a lot of text. Reads like an adventure book. I haven’t read the whole book yet. And sometimes, I just want to take my time with a book / by myself. And enjoy…read everything…see everything.

I’m currently leveling up a druid through Legion…and just enjoying the art / music in the druid order hall / Emerald Dream.

Sometimes afk and chill is nice (Grizzly Hills is also another nice place). Or farming herbs - making money solo / or I use those pots to give my wife for her characters when we do play group content.

So my play solo time - helps my group content later on.