To heck with Torghast. I am done with WoW. this is stupid

That is not much of an argument honestly. Either side can add more posts for and against torghast. There are tons of these posts defending blizz on each of these “anti-torghast” threads. Pretty sure people aren’t oblivious to the fact that there are people out there that love torghast.

Not sure how this is anti-torghast as well. It sounds more like people are fed up with blizz nerf batting anything that works and just making things harder and far more grindy.

Sounds like a you problem. Mage is fine. I haven’t lost a Torghast run since the first week and I am undergeared.

Torghast is easy and… boring.

Misdirect macro for focused target pet?

No one said you have to blast through everything and get maxed out in week 3.
I think you’re missing the point of the game.
Play at your own pace and stop complaining that you don’t have time for alts. I have two mains and manage just fine, because I’m doing it at my own pace.

Well prot pally is kinda broken rn

Yes you are correct :grinning:

It is absolutely true. Worse than that, it favors some specs over others. I struggled through layer 4 in elemental spec, barely eking out a win. I had heard that it was easier as resto, so I gave that a try just out of curiosity. It was so easy that I thought I had misclicked into layer 1. Mobs that were taking me several rotations in elemental spec were dying to Flame Shock -> Lava Burst -> Lava Burst. I never even had to throw in a Lightning Bolt. If it had really been properly balanced, I would have been killing things much faster in elemental spec. Resto spec would have been a longer fight, but I would have been able to power through eventually by throwing lots of heals on myself. Instead, it’s completely backwards. My elemental spec struggles through it with numerous applications of Astral Shift, Healing Totem, and Healing Surge, while my resto spec effortlessly mows down mobs without ever having to even heal.

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Feedback from my guildies is that it’s much worse with any more than two players. I hear that the mobs turn in to large damage sponges that take three times as long to clear with three people than they did solo.

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Yeah… because giving more health and damage to mobs is going to make this boring experience that much more exciting. It’s like Blizzard doesn’t even understand what makes games fun anymore.


I’ve been doing it solo since the start, (Thought that was the only way to run it) Always kill the final boss. (Not sure what coven is… )

the good players fly through torg in under 30 mins…
the baddies spend hours to get kicked in the nuts…

so lets buff it!!!


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Goodbye and good riddance!

(Music) I want it all … I want it all … I want it all and I want it now (outro)

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You sure hit the nail on the head man. That is exactly what they are saying. Why is the only argument y’all ever have is instant gratification. Sounds like more baseless assumptions and just saying that all people angry about torghast just want instant wins and free loot. Sounds more like they want to actually have a good time for once in this game’s history and not have to suffer through everything for a pittance of soul ash and a pat on the back.


Everyone saying thorghast is easy should beat layer 5 on a rogue in order to have their opinion validated.

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Sometimes you lose.

Apparently some people want it all and they want it now.

You know, instead of having to work at it.

175 Ilvl is low for layer 5…i heard that you need at last 195 ilvl to get on layer 8.

Not necessarily true.

I’ve yet to see a thread about some screaming and complaining about wanting something immediate. It sounds like y’all can only jump to that conclusion. Did torghast need balancing, yes. Did it need to be turned into a forced group slogfest? No not at all.

But I should just be quiet, apparently being fed up with things only ever being made grindy and nerfed into near impossibility means I only want things and want them now yes?