To heck with Torghast. I am done with WoW. this is stupid

After doing my coven stuff every tuesday reset, working on my coven, then doing torghast, I get stuck on torghast layer 5, died 4 times on the boss on the 5th floor. I am a bm hunter with 175 ilvl and have tried every pet recommended, two pets and one pet. I can’t beat him. I have tried 15 groups of tank heals and dps and can’t make it past 4th floor.

tanks rush in and charge in pulling more than they can handle or just in a rush. ranged dps stack on tank instead of staying back. by the time we get to the 4th floor we have 1 death remaining or 2 remaining then someone messes it up and takes the last 1 or 2. I can’t advance past layer 5 in torghast. I tried mm spec and don’t know the rotation too well and even tried survival and still couldn’t do it. I clear all the floors solo and get all the anima powers and still doesn’t help. I have tried getting all healing or all dps, and a mix of both but still to no avail I can’t get past layer 5 to advance.

I haven’t even worked on my other toons because I am so burnt out through the week doing the coven stuff and trying to get the renowned up and then farming what layers of torghast I can farm solo successfully. I am just done with WoW, this game used to be fun in bfa and other expacs, but this, this has become more of a chore and a bigger grind than before and has taken all fun out of the game. I am done with this game and will no longer keep playing it. I can’t do it anymore I am worn out on it already.


You don’t have to clear all floors, just do what you can do. No rush to getting the legendary, I mean have you seen the prices for the base items right now?

Just do what you’re comfortable, I’ve only been doing layer 3 on this toon. I’m not joining the loot race, I’ll get there when I get there.


I am a crafter so I can craft my own legendary gear and i have a maxed enchanter as well to help with the mats for the crafting. which saves me from having to do the whole thing with buying the schematics for the legend gear.

You failed.

Do better next run.

Thats how video games work.



Just grp with a healer, i did it with a rogue and went smooth

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It’s not required to clear all the floors

Wait til you have better gear down the road


I remember back with horrific visions, at the start, the place was bloody hard to do. But with gear and the buff tree thing, was clearing 5 masks. But it took time, no one says you have to be clearing higher layers, do it at your pace.


Let quitters quit, and such. Torghast is super easy for some while it seems impossible for others. You would think that means some people would lift themselves up by their bootstraps and try a different approach, but I guess some would rather just give up.


How about encouragement, instead of contributing to a already toxic community?


Just because people don’t agree with you doesn’t make them toxic, Torghast is fine and doesn’t need any changes. I think if anything they need to make it harder, it’s very easy atm.


Fixed for accuracy.



Telling people to quit isn’t toxic? I never said it needed change.


It needs to be detached from story progression.


get a group together or accept the fact that you are not going to progress as quickly as you could. Eventually you will get your legendary

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It must just be my server but all the leggo items crashed. You can buy every tier right now for a total of like 45k on stormrage. Which is like nothing.

Sometimes being blunt is the right kind of encouragement. I know this is not the military, but there is a reason they use drill sergeants, and boot camp to prepare troops–not nice human resources ladies.

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This is encouragement.

Sometimes the right way to encourage someone is to tell them that they are doing it wrong and show them how to fix that.

Sadly that not what people actually want. They would rather not learn.


This is what the people crying in this thread don’t understand, it’s the easiest content of all time and is super fun and well designed. Blizzard hit it out of the park with this one!


I tapped out on deaths layer 6 last boss Skoldus, meathook boss, solo run. 174 ilvl, got mediocre mix of powers. Just ran out out of defensives and interrupts. It happens. Had alot of fun and learned.

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sounds like a you issue to be honest. once or twice you could get a bad layout seed. but failing that much id look into your play.

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