To heck with Torghast. I am done with WoW. this is stupid

Torgast scales with Ilevel I’m 90% sure. I’ve seen so many posts here and anecdotes from my leveling group to suggest this.

I have a hard time clearing Certain floors due to HP which FEELS very reminiscent of the scaling that was present in BFA zones to me. and I was kitted in almost full mythics doing my 3s last week

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Your problem is doing them in groups, blizzard severely messed up group scailing. much MUCH MUCH MUCH easier doing them solo and as a tank.

BM hunter has a very easy time in there if you get the right powers… make sure you are clearing all trash for phantasma/extra powers if you are struggling.

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If it was fine you wouldn’t have players fuming every day because of the difficulty. Between random buffs and random bosses its just poor design. If it was strictly for cosmetics and such that would be fine but forcing players to do this to stay relevant is just bad.

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Do you ever stop simping for this company? All your posts are like "this is the best "


They are a Blizzard apologist. I see them posting in all the negative threads. It’s like they are trying to convince themselves they are enjoying the game.


Nope we are actually enjoying the game. You know what we do when we are not enjoying a game? We don’t play it. I know, it is such a simple concept that overthinkers such as yourself easily miss it. But that is ok, we forgive you. :slight_smile:

I think you mean layers. You need to clear all the floors to get the final reward off the boss.

I’m not playing it anymore, my sub runs out soon. Just posting some feedback here on the forums on my way out. Seems like some of you can’t handle any negative comments on the game though. Feels culty.

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THe only thing stupid about it is the RNG. I could not get past the 2nd floor on a layer 5 (felt like layer 8-9), but on the next attempt I got through as I would any other layer. I’m cool with the RNG buffs, but the difficulty of the floors is silly.

No, a lot of classes and specs have it way easier, like prot paladin can solo layer 5 with out a problem and even layer 6, but for a rogue is a nightmare even to pass layer 3, thorghast should be balanced for every class and spec, and have some encounters where some classes have it harder than others but just the encounters not the whole run.

Or make that you can only enter thorghast with a dps spec when solo so people can understand how hard it can be for some classes.

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A lot of things stupid about torghast. It takes a long time; you can’t pause during that time or you will be ganked by assassin or have something dive bomb on you. It scales silly. Some of the mob packs are too dense. They did an abysmal job of balancing the classes in the place. They made it far too important given how many people this was just going to irritate.

I actually wasn’t bothered by their too difficult raid but torghast is quite a struggle. It’s a very long boss fight and then you get to the end to find out you can’t kill the boss at all.

It’s just a bad design.

I don’t mind people liking torghast but I should be free to dislike the content.

And finally, and always quite importantly, WoW is not in a state where you can say to players: “just quit.” We can’t afford people quitting. This isn’t 2006. We need all the players we can get.

That’s basically what it boils down to for them tbh.

I am not tbh, maybe it scales, but with legendaries and better stat itemization later on it has to get more efficient. The optimal trinket ect.

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Bruh - Torghast is terrible but not because it’s hard but because each layer is WAY WAY too large. They need to cut it to 3 floors per layer or massively nerf the floor size. It takes me like 40 minutes to get to the boss on my main (Dk) and that’s with no deaths.

It’s like committing to a raid time each week. The layers should be 10-15 minutes max


You don’t know their circumstances, sometimes brushing off the tantrum doesn’t hurt. Just because we’re behind our screens safe at home doesn’t mean we need to be douchebags.

Anyway, I’m too old to be arguing about this for the next week, so you can have the last word. /peace

Edit: I’m sure he’s over it and probably playing and having a good time, took all the good criticism and ignored the negativity.


Check my gear, sure I could get a few more pieces from nathria, and I’m working on my glad gear. but for a 3?

I’d like to see an actual study on it to be sure.

Firstly, if groups are an issue try doing it solo.

Secondly, take it slow. If you need to get every anima power and all the phantasma then do so.
Fully clearing floors gives quite a bit more power than skipping through them.

Thirdly, don’t feel pressured to do the highest layer. It is designed to give players different options in difficulty levels. If 5 is too much for you at this point then you know that layer 4 is your current progression point.
There is a reason all of the Soul Ash is front loaded, you get the majority of the Soul Ash rewards through the first 4 layers. The higher layers are not as important, they drop smaller and smaller amounts as you work through them.

As you get more familiar with the better powers, or better luck, or simply better gear eventually you will be able to add the higher layers to your repertoire.

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I agree, go slow. Kill everyone of those jars, get every possible bonus you can

I get my cd down to 1.7 minutes and sometimes just wait for it, depending on the pull

< insert baby rolling over laughing here >

Horrific visions were abominations… Torghast is several cuts below that.