To everyone that’s upset about that the slime cat isnt in LFR

This is season 4s mount.

Mythic final boss mounts are a 100% drop rate during the tier its active. It drops two mounts at 100% untill the CE title is removed. That means while the tier is current it is a seasonal mount and then changed to a low percentage drop after its not current tier.

The 4-legged robot spider is still dropping in season 4.

Yeah I know that but 100% and 1% are:

Yes as an AOTC mount. the slimecat is still a seasonal mount

The point still stands, LFR has never awarded a seasonal mount.

Its still a seasonal mount. This isnt a hard concept.

There’s never been a seasonal mount for raiding.

No it’s not. I’ll still be able to get the dragonhawk and other robot thingy in Dragonflight, and the xpac after that and the xpac after that.

You can’t get seasonal mounts after the season is over.

I know you need to cram this square peg into a round hole to be right but it’s not working.

p.s. That’s why my Core Hound and Deathwing mount example made sense. You can’t get those from raiding anymore. They were closer to seasonal raiding mounts than the stupid comparisons you’re trying to use.

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I literally just listed two mounts that are dropped from most raids as seasonal mounts. Just because they werent labled as seasonal mounts doesnt make them not seasonal mounts as I have you multiple examples of seasonal mounts.

Mythic end bosses are the exception because they change the drop rate. Its still considered a seasonal mount because the main way to acquire the mount is durring the active tier.

Those are anniversary mounts and are not seasonal mounts.

I know youre mad and want to make any excuse to validate why the slimecat should drop from LFR but it shouldnt.

I wouldn’t call this a seasonal mount as

  1. They remain as a 100% drop chance mount until the next expansion, well after the raid was the current “seasonal content”
  2. they drop down to 1% when the next expansion launches (i.e. the prepatch).

Weird how you act like you are the only one who can define what a seasonal mount is.

Not true. Sylvanas’ mythic mount is still a 100% drop chance right now. It goes down to 1% when Dragonflight prepatch comes out. That is how it worked for Jaina’s mythic mount in BFA until Shadowlands prepatch. And how it worked for Gul’dans mythic mount in Legion until BFA’s prepatch. I think it also worked that way for Blackhands mythic mount in BRF as well.

And to quote Blizzard

P.S. While the ‘Ahead of the Curve’ & ‘Cutting Edge’ Feats of Strength are going away when Season 4 launches, the Carcinized Zerethsteed (from killing Heroic Jailer), as well as the 100% Droprates from the Mythic Sylvanas and Mythic Jailer mounts aren’t going away until Dragonflight launches (The Sylvanas and Jailer mythic mounts will stay in the game, but be significantly reduced in droprate as with previous expansions).

You do love to be proven wrong.

Then by definition they are not seasonal mounts. If Blizzard doesn’t consider them seasonal rewards, they aren’t seasonal rewards.

You cannot pick and choose what is a seasonal mount or not.


You. I like you. A lot.

Btw, he also says LFR, LFD and Random BGs are solo content.

And… go!

So were you upset at the initial announcement?

I see you’re back to nitpick.

Unfortunately for you it actually meets the definition seasonal.

I never specified how long the season was.

Considering it hasn’t happened yet.

I’m not picking and choosing anything. Try looking up the definition

Ahh you came back for more embarrassment.

No. Why would I be upset?

I’m not sure when LFR had a mount, but why does that matter? If they said it, then took it back they are only serving themselves, not the community.

Core Hound and Obsidian Worldbreaker during the anniversary events.

Serpent and charhound in Legion. GMOD in BfA. Undead horse in SL.


Well there ya go!

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Another case of you not comprehending the difference between a seasonal mount and an anniversary/event mount.

Those mounts are anniversary/event mounts not seasonal.

This has never been done. It’s 3 raids done with the affix. This is new and you can’t use the “when has X ever given Y before” because its a totally new and different thing.


To everyone upset about slime kitty not in LFR do what me and many others have already done just ignore this troll they always come into threads either about solo play, casuals or even make trolling threads like this just to stir the pot.


Yeah I’ve had him on ignore for hours. He just squawks the same nonsense over and over so I know I’m not missing anything.


That doesn’t magically make a seasonal mount not a seasonal mount.