To all the Crying AV Premaders

By that same logic, you cant blame horde for the lack of pvp players on the alliance, you blame the pve players in the alliance that aren’t participating, because if you actually look at the overall populations between all servers, horde and alliance numbers are very close to even, it just so happens a large chunk of the alliance just don’t pvp. As you said, you dont include people who aren’t part of a community, and the horde are not part of the alliance community

You put a whole a lot of effort to insulting people to little effect, maybe you should spend some of that energy on coming up with an actual logical argument that isn’t riddled with fallacies

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Trust me, logic is not your strong suit.

With my analogy you don’t blame pvp players for something that happening in pve. Why? Because they don’t participate in pve, nor does it effect them in anyway.

The pvp problem however, does effect the horde. In which case they HAVE a solution to fix it themselves. By rerolling. The people who don’t pvp (I.e. the alliance you are talking about) are not effected nor do they care about this issue.

That’s the difference you children are not understanding. You don’t blame someone who is not participating in the problem you are discussing. The people involved in this situation is alliance and horde pvp players. And no one else.

It is 100% a horde problem caused by horde players, and can only be fixed with horde pvp players. Blaming someone who is not even involved in this issue is laughably idiotic.

Like I said using a similar analogy. If you are in a csgo game, and 10 players decide to all squad up against 1 player, you can not blame the single player on his own team and you can not blame others who don’t play csgo because you think they should join his team.

You can fix your own issue if you want, you choose not to.

Why should alliance care about an exclusively horde problem?

How about this: we care about it as much as horde did during phase 2 when on a majority of servers they drove significant server populations to quit or re-roll.

You didn’t care then, so don’t try to pretend you actually care about alliance well-being now. no one is falling for it so cut the act.

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Sorry cupcake, but the fact that many alliance on virtually even factioned servers were joining in with the whining caused a lot of horde players (and likely blizzard) to tune you out. Well, after they literally cut the period of time that P2 should have lasted in half to appease you, oh and that entire server transfer period where alliance chose to mass exodus their servers which caused the issue for those left behind to be magnified.

But hey yeah, blame the horde for all of that.

PS: It is not “exclusively a horde problem”. You lot royally screwed vast numbers of your own faction with the clownish discord premade queue hopping exploitation.

So… What happens to the Horde queue when there are less than 20 alliance in your Alterac valley and the game doesn’t start?

When did I say anything about who caused the problem? I said queues were an exclusively horde problem and thus not something alliance care about. Why should they put effort into solving horde problems?

Which got back to my point of: Alliance will put as much effort into solving horde problems as horde put into solving alliance problems. alliance just took it into their own hands and server transferred, an option available to every alliance on those servers.

Zero sympathy for people who had the exact same opportunities and elected to forgo them. They were offered free transfers, they elected not to, they were offered paid transfers, they are still electing not to.Something about a man in a flood refusing a boat comes to mind.

Oh you think they ended phase 2 to end camping in the world? Oh sweetie…

Relatively few horde have whined about queues. Again: it is all relative, and both sides are only competing for rank against their own faction.

Thereby screwing the alliance who chose to stick it out. You literally deserted them. Much like the premade queue hoppers do/did to many alliance in AV.

We literally had alliance players on nearly even faction ratio servers taking a month away from the game due to how WPVP effected them. It is very hard to take seriously the gnashing of teeth about P2 at this point.

You have evidence to the contrary, cupcake?

I don’t believe you understand what burden of proof is there sweetheart. You don’t make an outrageous, baseless, evidence-less claim, and the act as though it’s fact because someone can’t prove it wrong.

Not surprised by your behavior tbh you seem consistent at least

What does even faction have to do with the point I made? Who said anything about competing for rank? I know I didn’t. Why are the alliance who transferred accountable to the people who had the same, FREE, options, and elected to forgo it. They are not entitled to be miserable because someone else doesn’t want to take advantage of the opportunities available to both of them.

Even faction does not mean even involvement in every aspect of the game. Let me try to lay out this concept so your horde mind can comprehend it.

Each side has 50 people, however one side has 40 people interest in wpvp, and 10 people who joined PvP for friends. The other side has 20 people who joined for wpvp and 30 who joined for friends. Note this is not a comprehensive list of variables, it is the illustration of a concept.

So on these “even servers” you have twice as many people on one side engaging in an activity they enjoy as the other side. Those 30 people on one side however are forced to engage in wpvp at rates that exceed what they are interested in, once that activity exceeds the level they will TOLERATE, they will quit or change servers to a situation where the level of wpvp will return to the levels they will tolerate. For the 10 on the other side? The rates at which they encount per individuals who want to PvP will be much less, so they are less likely to have it pass their personal tolerance threshold.

And before you say it, yes they were dumb to roll on a PvP server if this isn’t what they wanted, which is why I call the transfer fee the “stupid tax”.

After a handful of weeks of P2 and a torrent of sodium soaked threads from alliance, and then the cutting P2 in half:

If you truly are going to suggest that is not appeasement of alliance tears, wrapped up in pretty wording, then yeah you should probably post evidence to the contrary that P2 was stopped midway through for another reason.

Uh, you posted “it is clearly a horde problem”. Which I interpret as you saying that there is a horde problem. You spoke of horde queues, which I have to assume is what you believe is a “problem”. Horde is a faction. Ergo; you are just arguing for argument sake at this point.

Why are horde who chose their preferred faction accountable for the plight of alliance players?

When you choose a PVP server, you are accepting the server ruleset, for better or worse. Does that mean you are obligated to seek out PVP? No. It means however that you agree to, and are subject to others doing so.

Let me see if I can put this in a way you might understand…

I could give a rat's caboose about players who joined PVP servers who thought the server ruleset would not apply to them.

See above.

Idk if you actually have a disability or not, but this LITERALLY reads

That they are excited for bgs so they are releasing it sooner.

That’s literally what they said. Are you actually attempting to bridge the literal words of ‘we are excited for bgs so we and releasing them early’ to ‘alliance were getting camped so we are releasing them early’.

Honest to god, your parents must be so embarrassed to have raised someone this slow

I literally laughed out loud at this. Who do you actually think you are fooling?

Uh, yes, that is precisely what I am suggesting. Unless you believe that Blizzard is willing to “literately” write why changes are done like whacking P2 in half after a couple weeks of sodium.

So am I to believe that what you are going with is the belief that they stopped P2 midway through, because they were “excited for BGs”?

Holy Christ you are actually worse than I thought. Gunna step away from this one before I actually contract what you what

It’s a simple question at this point. Are you contending that they cut the period of P2 in half ("detached this content unlock from the plan we previously announced") because they were “excited for BGs”?

Never said it was a hordes responsibility to do anything about it. I am just not an idiot and can see the long term consequences of their actions and that it might be in their best interest to not continue farming alliance to the extent that they do, or else the wpvp they claim to like will disappear. But hey, if they wanted a Functionally pve server? More power to them. Not my fault horde are short sighted.

If it’s not a horde problem then awesome! Nothing needs to be done and we can drop the conversation. I assumed people who queued for battle grounds would prefer to actually be in the battle grounds rather than in a queue.

You can know something is possible, but think it is not probable. When I go outside I know it is POSSIBLE I will get hit by a bus. doesn’t change the fact that if I get hit by a bus I will be upset. If I knew I was going to get hit by a bus everytime I went outside? You can bet your butt I would stop going outside. I would then take the first opportunity to move to an area without buses.

You are the guys driving the bus and blaming the people who stopped going outside for the fact that you hit the people who still go outside 3 times as often “you are making us make things worse for them”.

And before you latch onto how it is not a 1:1 it is an illustration of a concept, not that they are the same magnitude. Yes, some alliance have buses, some alliance are driving buses, you horde have a lot more buses and a lot more people who want to drive buses.

Blizzard gave them two options to escape their situation, they rejected them, so no, I don’t care about people who decided not to accept help escaping their situation.

What I don’t understand is why horde can’t just say “yeah we started on second base with racials and faction imbalance, so what? Home run is a home run” why can’t they own their advantages and stop pretend that everything is because of personal merit?

diference is: Blizzard wouldnt do ANYTHING to stop this.

You are thinking godsend. But I am going to tell you what IS going to happen.

The average ally pvp’er is terrible. FACT Most of the decent players go horde for improved racials.

So the Alliance left who actually know how to play refuse to run with the rest who will not even TRY.

Hence the people who actually pvp will all say goodbye to AV and you can all enjoy 5 hour Q times on horde.

The only way this is ever changing is make ally racials more appealing to pvp like. Every man for himself (no trinket need CC removal)

Or make it so horde fight horde.

Until then you all can stop with your holier than though elitist view of why horde DESERVES to win 100 % of time vs the 80% now.

This coming from someone who is higher than you back in vanilla and the character to prove it.