To all of Exodar, Thank You (and you too Medivh)

Thank you.

Thank you for 12 years of friendship and game play.

Thank you for keeping my brother, Banestooth company.

I have announced his death over in the General Discussion Forum since he played on a variety of servers, ( Banestooth )but Exodar was home.

It was where he started, it was where he made a second life that let him be free of the crippling effects that a physically damaged body imposed on him. But most of all it let him meet you, he loved interacting with people and you provided him that opportunity.

When Medivh joined us he was excited there’d be more new people to meet, so thank you as well. I admit I was grumbling about the merge, but he simply wanted to have more to play with and talk to. That was just the way he was.

His funeral is today, I honestly have been out of it and have no clue how I’m going to move on in life right now without him in it, but I know I have to. Thank you for being our companions, our rivals, our teammates, and most importantly our friends for nearly 12 and half years.

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Sorry for your loss.

sorry for your loss.

Very sorry to hear that, friend. Hope you find peace… Sending love your way.