To a certain new Moonrunner

Realm/guild hoppers don’t rate in PvP, especially those who PvE. Let me make that very plain. Without even having played one hour of the expansion yet, without even fragging you once, you’re already losing. I got to go up against some of the finest the Alliance had to offer in my Eonar/Velen sharding.

You defeated yourself; that settles the dispute until you can prove you won’t blindly accept the status quo of an expansion like the good sheep you’ve excelled in proving. Taking it out on me with the pretense of “being nice” has done nothing. Forget that I’ve fought better BM Hunters than you as you got a good way to go on that. WPvP is anything but nice; that’s why you flunked out, and you’re not going to flex your PvE gear like you would in 9.1.

Return to me again when you feel like you’re *done being an apparatchik–a useful idiot for “friends” who would treat you with far greater disdain than me–and I might reintroduce you to a better way to play.


Thankfully you’re not someone I know.

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