Titanforging and corruption are failures

I get the feeling that people were told waaay back at the start of BFA, that if Blizzard replaced WF/TF, people would get even worse systems. :thinking:

But people continued to moan and complain and not care.

I still don’t understand the blind frothing rage at the idea that someone might get a nice item based entirely on luck.

Isn’t that what the old BoE epics literally were back in the day? Blind luck? Or deep pockets?

okay well im saying that it should no longer be the case for that to happen?

The problem is exacerbated by corruption, making it a game-wide issue rather than a select few items with special effects

Blizzard gives Monkey Paw wishes. Some people just figure it out later than others.


Do you have a link? I am really excited if so because next reset I’ll be pushing keys

Currently progressing on heroic Maul and the DPS check is insane, we broke his mana the first time finally and thena mana orb hit him and RIP. We ended up doing better when we pugged some players with corrupted gear which shows the difference with weak-corruptiion players vs good rng corrupted players.

Should be able to find it on MMOC, or simply through the blue tracker, since it was posted on the forums.

Edit: This change is already live.

Crucible of Storm items were very well received by the community. Corruption is an extension of that.

People actually enjoy when their items aren’t just flat stat sticks. Surprising uh ? (it’s not).

It’s easier trying for 1 to 3 pieces of corruption than trying to hard farm one or two items.

They haven’t even gone through all of the tuning and people still aren’t comparably geared regardless. Everyone is still freaking out. It’s honestly sad.

This is what I’d like to see as well. Enough with the multiple layers of RNG.


Here it is

The important text is:

With a hotfix that is now live on all realms, we’ve adjusted the damage done by several Corruption Effects:

  • Damage dealt by Infinite Stars, Twisted Appendages, and Gushing Wound is now based on the item level of the Corrupted item. This previously scaled dynamically with Attack Power and Spell Power.

  • Lash of the Void damage is now based on the item level of the Corrupted Item, and now procs less often than before.

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Idk if you do it solo but in my Visions group we just have one person go in at the start and trigger the RP so when we come back to her later she’s ready to be killed.

What is your raid’s current gear level ? If you’re in the previous raid’s Mythic ilvl of gear (ie, Normal Ny’alotha levels of gear), Heroic Maut isn’t really a big DPS check.

It’s not the DPS check itself, its the stupid reflection and making sure you don’t overdo it and kill yourself.

WF/TF added unneeded complication and confusion to gearing. when gear finally drops I feel disappointment that the item that I got could of been better, if it does TF I just feel relief for not being disappointed. Back before loot RNG I could aim for gear and know that it’s the best possible item for that slot, even though I was never a hardcore raider and I will never will be I found great joy in the ability in knowing what I was getting.

If WF/TF must be in the game they should add a way to upgrade an item to its full potential this is the only compromise I’d accept.

I wouldn’t mind Corruption if they had been balanced. Essences have different BiS for different specs and that’s fine. Corruption would be too.

But seeing Infinite Stars being 30% of a player’s dps or seeing echoing void being 18% of a dps’s damage is just stupid.

It’s lack of balancing and Blizzard not having enough resources to deal with these properly or the time to have them review those effects.

If corruption added maybe 5% for a BiS trait at max corruption then it would be better for the balancing act - eek out another 15% but run high corruption or settle for a more manageable 5%. But that’s 3 BiS pieces versus 1 BiS. And getting 3 BiS shouldn’t be something you can get from just stupid RnG.

Blizzard just didn’t properly vet this out. They are Dr Frankenstein and their monster is running amok in the village.

That’s a you thing. I cleared hyjal 20+ times when it was current and another 50 or 60 times for tmog and still don’t have cataclysm’s edge. Not sure why this is somehow worse.

They balanced several of them in less than a week. Mythic tuning has happened for several years…

That is literally how gear in this game has always worked. Do you not remember guilds clearing illdan for months without getting a glaive? And then another guild clears once and gets mh? Bindings aren’t rng?

Unless Blizzard goes crazy with the tuning, I can’t see this raid lasting past 1st reset. If they’ve tuned it assuming entire teams will have IS, TD, EV, ect. This will be a frustrating tier.

Still hoping for an echoing void and twilight detestation nerf on tomorrow’s reset.

Blizzard massively overtuned Corruptions on purpose, purely because otherwise no-one would have used them. You have to offer a pretty big incentive for people to deal with the downsides, which was the reason practically no-one used CoS gear.

There’s pretty much only two ways they can handle it.

  1. They tune it around teams who’ve had ridiculous luck with Corruptions and make the DPS checks still challenging, even for them.
  2. They tune it around teams who’ve had poor luck with Corruptions and make DPS checks challenging for them, but trivial for the group mentioned in the first example.

Either way, performance this tier in this tier will almost exclusively come down to “did RNG favour you with Corruptions?”. The only difference is whether it’s a joke for those that do have corruptions, or impossible for those without them.


The reason it is worse is that if you somehow got the item it would most probably be the weakest version of it. There would be nothing worse that running something 20+ times and finally getting it to drop only to find out that it didn’t WF/TF.

You might like the chaos that this system bring and I respect that but I enjoy having control over my loot.