Titan Residuum in Season 4

WHY! So I saved it all for NOTHING?! :sob:


People keep saying this, but this announcement isn’t new.


How does this apply to pieces gained prior to the patch that are shredded after the patch? Will they also shred for silver?

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No, you apparently saved it for 10s each.


they cant even explain how it works.

for blizzard to make more money, more players have to want to buy game time or blizzard balance with gold.

the mount is not incentive to buy gold. so even if there was a streak of token purchases, without increased demand for tokens from the auction house, the amount of gold you would from auctioning the tokens would go down.

that would be even more incentive to not purchase the mount with money.

so unless there is a reason for ftp players to buy game time with gold, and it would need to be a big, big one, there will generally not be more transactions because of the mount and thus blizz will not make more money.

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I’d like to point out that I edited the OP here. It now reads:

With the Visions of N’Zoth content update, the game will automatically convert your Titan Residuum into silver. At the start of Season 4, we’ll set the drop rates of Titan Residuum and the prices of the items that it buys to lower values.

The currency conversion will happen with the content update.

How much lower? Will it be equal across the board, ie 10% less residuum dropping and 10% lower prices? Or will the amount of residuum we get per week be reduced more/less than the cost of gear?

I’m far more concerned about an unequal adjustment of drop rate to price than I am about not being able to stockpile ahead of time, since that will affect me for the entire season and not just on my first purchase.

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Thank god! Now I can finally get some nice 475 armor!

Every season they scaled the cost of pieces up to make sure the currency going between S1 -> S2, and S2 -> didn’t allow you buy anything of value. If I remember correctly costs went up by a factor of 10 between each of those seasons.


If it were more it would promote hoarding for a different reason.

Here’s an idea. Stop this grind.

See, you guys had this nifty little system in Wrath of the Lich King where I earned badges from running heroic content over and over (why not mythics), which I could spend on anything I wanted to counteract RNG.

See, here’s your issue. You have RNG (hope an Azerite piece drops), on RNG (if you want to buy a random piece of a higher grade for cheaper, because you don’t want to RNG for your RNG more than RNG) - or a hair-tearing grind.

Mythic Badges with mythic levels on them rewarded instead of random items on a run.

And a mythic vendor. Where you go and exchange these badges for mythic-level items of that quality. RNG is fixed, you have people playing for longer to get the things they want. Victory.


I think anyone who loses Titan Residuum should get a free Bruto mount.

Then can we please change the tokens to BoA until the patch comes out, so that we can send tokens to our alts?

And how much residuum will Azerite pieces give in season 4? Because what people will probably end up doing is buying tokens and then either selling them back to the vendor or destroying the pieces to residuum.

Would be better to allow us to help gear up our alts, given how unfriendly this expansion has been for alts (grinding ap and now having to grind rep, honor, conquest, etc for essences on alts has made me basically park my alts for the first time since vanilla), any little bit helps.

Kaivax, buddy. I think this is what the kids call, “Getting Ratio’d.”

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10 silver per residuum???

Up the Ante by 10 times and make it 1 gold per residuum Blizzard!
I spend 2~3k gold a day when I spam those Mythic+ dungeons!
10 silver! gotta be kidding! LOL


Wait if it’s going to work like it did before in season 4 then why are you converting it?

Aren’t you basically just taking away peoples stockpiles?

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This basically. They are constantly repeating the same things even though this team has some different devs and same ones but promoted or in other areas of the game.

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H O R R I B L E !
we want to make sure that it is well known that this isn’t necessary.

The ONLY reason why this isn’t necessary is because you are getting rid of it ! How about a sentence more along the lines of straight forward truth instead of the corporate passive aggressive stuff, that has become the norm. My guess is your are the only blue left ! We DON’T need silver for next progression we NEED residuum for progression. WE play and PAY to collect residuum. Let US decide on how to use it :rage:


I understand that our TR will be converted to silver on day one of patch 8.3. But when, exactly, does season 4 start?

Is there a window of opportunity here where, before the 8.3 release, you could buy pieces of 430 or 445 Azerite gear and then scrap them once the patch is live but before the start of season 4 and get a least some TR back (for those of us that don’t care about silver)?

I believe the PTR is currently on season 4 and, from testing, I’ve found that scrapping pieces of season 3 gear yields zero TR.

Then they need to give us back the gold value on “outdated” gear rather than rendering it completely useless.