Tired of night time... how to force daytime?

Some of us actually work during the day so every time I play it’s dark in the game. I hate it so much and it is very demotivating. Is there a way to turn the night cycle off?


There’s not. The day/night cycle is based in the realm time. I’m in the same boat as you the only time I see sunlight in Azeroth is on the weekends lol

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there is

become an engineer you can make a weather machine an change it how you want to see it

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There’s a consumable you can get (Sunwarmed Sand) to temporarily turn it to daytime but, as Senatha said, there’s no permanent solution.


Here ya go!



Id like a nightime version since i work at night. I always see daytime.

There’s a toy for sale in the Caverns of Time for 1000 timewalking badges, The Jar of Sunwarmed Sand, that will give you two hours of daylight once every 24 hours.

The same vendor will sell you a consumable Sunwarmed Sand with a 10 second cooldown that also lasts for 2 hours, and it costs 10 TW badges.


Your wish is my command!


And dark is nowhere near what it was back 12-14 years ago.

I can see going crazy with it though.

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Thank you this was very helpful. Going to figure out how to get those badges.

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There’s Inky Black Potions for sale outside the Darkmoon Faire when it’s up that last for 2 hours, there’s also a toy that drops from a rare in Nazjatar, the Shadescale that also gives 2 hours of darkness with a 1-hour cooldown.


Thanks genie!

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Timewalking dungeons; the Warlords Timewalking event starts next week so you won’t have to wait long.


I actually might have that toy i will check tommorow.

o yea back in the day in the dark forest was terrifying


Back in the day I had to role play setting up a tent because it was true dark.

Now, it’s more like a late dawn.

I play mostly at night as well. In some ways I wish were more like BoTW or OoT.

Undead show up at night then burn away at dawn

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I still think these need to to just be settings.

:radio_button: day/night cycle
:black_circle: daylight
:black_circle: nighttime
:black_circle: darker nights


Warcraft HC mode. Gotta eat, sleep, can only rez once a day

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As a night time player this would be nice, but I am curious how it would affect certain things which work off a day/night timer–off the top of my head, the Worgen druid in Stormwind who teaches a different appearance for flight form, but only during the day

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It wouldn’t. That all works off the server time, so no worries about it interfering. :slightly_smiling_face: