Timewalking BiS gearing


So, I had trouble searching for this on my own. Everything I found was dated. So, my question is; In BFA, is it still possible to collect BiS gear for steamrolling timewalking dungeons? The only info I’ve found is that you can get gear with the most gem slots to have lots of gem stats to increase your damage.

But, from what I understand gear scales down to the highest ilvl for said timewalking expansion. So it would be pointless to have the highest raid tier gear for an expansion that the timewalking event is for. Please correct me if I’m wrong on that.

I would greatly appreciate if someone could point me to a good resource for figuring this out. I thought it would be fun to make timewalking sets if it’s still a thing. Thanks a lot in advance!

It doesn’t help you unless you already did the quest, but the single biggest dps boost for timewalking are pandaria legendary cloaks.

Other legendaries also work (legion legendaries are fairly easy to get)

Azerite traits also still work, so the ability modifer ones can be pretty significant as well.

Basically look at things that work outside the scaling. Stats are scaled, so are effects… but an item with an effect will have the same stats as one without.

The ilvl scales down. But tier bonuses are tier bonuses. Just like when you initially got them.

Gotta math this yourself. Look at stuff and figure it out. Start with the highest performing azurite traits for you class, look at old tier from Legion (should be able to fit 2 pieces). Fit in a couple legion legendaries. If you have a Legendary weapon (aside from classic) or the MoP cloak, even better.

I use 2 azurite pieces, a leggo head(raddons) and ring(AotHG), the ring from CoS with 10% extra auto attack, 2xTier 20, and 2x the new venombite garb. Things just got incinerated.

Also gem slots. Gem slots are ignored when downgrading. If you have an old piece for arms, feet. or weapons you can slide some older enchants

I recommend mostly ignoring trying to find BiS for timewalking and gear for fun especially when it comes to the trinket slots anyways. Which tier was the most fun, I put back on.


All gear will normalize in a way, but being a very high ilvl does seem to help you out a bit, I would say current BiS is current gear with most sockets and a good ilvl.
and then old legendaries that you’ve collected are probably usefull. its debatable.

Debatable… as in being about to eyebeam a group 5 times in a row? Debatable as in an extra 10% autoattack damage (and that’s not even from a legendary).

Debate over. ilvl doesn’t even matter, that goes down and stats normalize. Extra abilities from set or bonuses generally do not. Sockets stay.

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then why do I have more health than people in greens ?

Your making me do a lot of work to not turn toxic, but I’m betting you have azurite pieces. These azurite pieces generally have almost twice the stam and mainstat of something at its ilvl and scales about the same % under TW and these greens have crap gear? So these stupid azurite parts are going to have almost twice the agl/str/int and stam then tier/leggos/anything else almost when their scaled down to the same level.

Thing is, unless your a tank in BC, you cant hammer the baddies with your extra stamina. The extra agl/str is nice, but the azurite traits are the only reason to keep wearing those damn azurite parts.

And even then, you got a lot of secondary traits on other gear instead of mainstat and stam,

I saw an Enhance Shaman in a Timewalking dungeon yesterday dual wielding heirloom axes and they were ilvl 120 in the dengeon and he was doing insane dps. Do certain heirlooms scale differently in these?

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As prot war, I AM top overall dmg and dps 99% of the time in timewalking. 1% is from select dh’s, shadowpriest who was wielding legendary staff from firelands, Tarecgosa’s rest, and maybe a rogue.

Yes, Gems, enchants, food, flask, pots, defiled augment runes, Wizard oil, mana oils, best trinkets, 2 legion legos will beat out anyone with BFA gear.


If you don’t have competing tier sets that are better in timewalking, use the azerite armor with heart of azeroth and also a pair of legendaries (ones that do not use the same equipment slots) then it is like having more legendaries. Rather effective. (fyi- this thread is still currently true in july 2019)

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I was doing Firelands Timewalking Raid today and i noticed that my Regalia of the Witch Doctor set bonuses weren’t working.
It said it was inactive.
Weren’t legacy tier bonuses supposed to work during Timewalking instances?

I don’t think blizzard ever said they would.

For example, my Garb of Venerated Spirits tier set bonuses from Legion’s last raid, Antorus, still work - it actually is still active even outside Timewalking instances.
I thought the same would happen with sets from Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor.
But i guess i was wrong.

That is because (until recently) Legion was still considered “new” content and thus did not obey the laws of legacy loot mode. When Shadowlands comes out, I have a feeling that legion tier sets will stop working. While legion content is now legacy loot mode active, you still don’t get the massive damage buff you would start to get if you were 11 levels above the cap (110).

I might be mistaken, but I believe the issue is that set requires level 90 and you are only level 85 in Firelands Timewalking.

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No, they are permanently disabled, kaput, nada, zip, zilch, negative, nope, done, history.

You can however, like me, use the gear for its gem sockets and its enchantableness, meaning you can enchant the old stuff.

I wouldn’t bother with TW Firelands raid, it’s ridiculously overtuned and the hotfix patch notes on March 2nd…which updated players health, damage, etc… to compensate for the essences and corruption gear.

Meaning, they nerfed us while in TW, as if you weren’t nerfed enough before.

In short, time metrics. They ruined what a good raid Firelands TW could have been, I completed it once or twice. I think this is the 3rd time it’s been around.

I’ve tried more than several groups or have been in anyway, we do trash, which takes a long time in itself. Get to Beth’tilac, drones die slowly even with twinks and end game 120’s. Along with Beth’s health pool and increased damage over time.

It’s a sad time for WoW when people are crabbing already about Shadowlands changes, and now…things I thoroughly enjoy, like TW events including BT and Ulduar, it takes longer…again. I’m not opposed to the length for the dungeons, but just fear for the difficulty in the raids in BT and Ulduar. As if people needed a further reason to not run them. Sad.

Not to mention, the world IRL. Don’t have money, places are open, have money, places are closed and or don’t want to go out.

It’s rather debilitating and causes mental physiological issues when you think…“only in America, wait the world, can this be real? shutdown, etc…” and now they made FL TW hard AF, one of my fav things to do.

It’s like…gee, I’d love to go to the store for some protein bars and not get ripped off by price gougers or some giardiniera.

I know it happened in 1919, but that was 100 years ago and we’ve gone through multiple wars, STILL AREN’T PREPARED for the careless actions of a particular country / person.

Japan did it the best by saying…“no, they aren’t ready to go home, we don’t have test results.” Did the officials who chartered the planes to bring them home care? no.

Ridiculous, think I’m going to get a trampoline to rage flip on.

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Ignore the other replies.

Legion set bonuses, trinkets, and effects work. Nothing else does. It was all disabled some time back.

If you want a boost in timewalking, get whatever Legion Legendaries are best for your class. If you’re enhancement, I really like running smouldering heart and spiritual journey along with Elemental Spirits. Makes Spirit wolves available for every pull and you get the occasional ascendance procs.

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Thank you all for the advices :slight_smile:
I am an elemental & restoration shaman. And i used to love proccing Ascendance with Smouldering Heart.
Combining Lava Beam with Stormkeeper empowered AoE was like WoW Classic’s Windfury proc. The stuff of stellar alignment.
But Earth Shock no longer consumes all Maelstrom. And Maelstrom generation by Chain Lightning has also been nerfed after Legion. Which basically meant an indirect nerf to Smoldering Heart. Unfortunately.

Nowadays, i use Pristine Proto-Scale Girdle (the debuff makes for 6-8% of my DPS) and Eye of the Twisting Nether.

If i get some time, i will post later a list of BiS items to use in Timewalking.

Here is my Elemental Shaman BiS list.
I picked these items based on Intellect bonuses, number of sockets and Critical Strike, Haste and Versatility as main secondary stats - unfortunately, Versatility was rare back in Mists of Pandaria.

Right now, Azerite Traits and the Heart of Azeroth along with its essences are supposed to be more powerful than items from former expansions, even those with several sockets.

Also, i actually don’t think there is any definitive BiS trinkets for casters. For melee classes, it would be easy indicate Deathbringer’s Will or Mirror of the Blademaster, but it is actually much harder to choose for caster DPS classes.
Still, i can guarantee that Unblinking Gaze of Sethe is an exceptional choice (and it also has a random chance to be looted with 1 Socket).

Most items from Mists of Pandaria or before can be enchanted and the Waist item from MoP can even receive an extra socket.

And, speaking of sockets, the best gem for Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor items is Brilliant Queen’s Garnet. Right now, it is the only gem that gives +7 Intellect.

My Timewalking BiS list:

Head Azerite Gear
Head Alt Crown of Tragic Truth (2 Sockets - Siege of Orgrimmar Nazgrim)

Neck Heart of Azeroth
Neck Alt Prizerock Neckband (3 Sockets - Legion High Mountain Tauren Archaeology)
Neck Alt 2 Soul Prism of Lei Shen (2 Sockets - Throne of Thunder Lei Shen)

Shoulder Azerite Gear
Shoulder Alt Shoulderwraps of Celestial Harmony (2 Sockets - SoO Blackfuse)

Back Xing-Ho, Breath of Yu’lon (1 Socket - Mists of Pandaria Legendary)
Back Alt Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of Resolve (Battle for Azeroth Legendary)

Chest Azerite Gear
Chest Alt Ebon Blood Chestguard (3 Sockets - SoO Malkorok)

Wrist Loa-Ridden Bracers (1 Socket - ToT Council of Elders)
P.S.: this item is unique because it doesn’t have defined secondary stats. Once you loot it, it will generate two of the four secondary stats (critical strike, haste, mastery or versatility) in 30 different random enchantment combinations.

Hands Soul-Soaked Gloves (2 Sockets - SoO Immerseus)

Waist Pristine Proto-Scale Girdle (Legion Legendary)
Waist Alt Links of the Disintegrator (2 Sockets - ToT Durumu)

Legs Leggings of the Violent Gale (3 Sockets - ToT Lei Shen)

Feet World-Mote Sabatons (2 Sockets - ToT Ra-Den)

Finger Eye of the Twisting Nether (1 Socket - Legion Legendary)
Finger Spellbound Runic Band of the All-Seeing Eye (Warlords of Draenor pre-Legendary ring)
P.S.: This epic version of WoD’s Legendary ring is actually far better than the final version, which always had overwhelmingly bad scaling. This epic ring, on the other hand, has a proc that increases Intellect by 15% for 10 seconds.

Finger Alt Seal of Sullen Fury (1 Socket - SoO Malkorok)
Finger Alt Durumu’s Captive Eyeball (1 Socket - ToT Durumu)

Trinket Will of Unbinding (Dragon Soul Deathwing)
Trinket Unblinking Gaze of Sethe (Hellfire Citadel Iskar)
Trinket Alt Profecy of Fear (Hellfire Citadel Mannoroth)
Trinket Alt Chipped Soul Prism (WoD World Boss Kazzak)

Weapon Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest (3 Sockets - Cataclysm Legendary)
Weapon Alt Mar’kowa, the Mindpiercer (Ny’alotha Drest’agath)
Shield Tortos’ Discarded Shell (1 Socket - ToT Tortos)

Antonio knows whats up!

You can look at my profile for a healer or DPS gear choice. I can’t think of anything else to make me stronger.

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